Apple Delivers Invites to a September 9th Event

August 28, 2014 •

As speculated for more than a month, today, Apple sent out its coveted golden tickets. Media members, analysts, and industry experts received their invitation to Apple’s first fall media event. This event is all but confirmed to be an event where the high anticipated flagship iPhone 6 models will be revealed.   Read More ››

The New Apple Handset May Not be Termed ‘iPhone 6’

August 19, 2014 •

Amid a flurry of recent part leaks, which we highlighted on Monday, the iPhone 6 is certainly rushing to market. An estimated, yet confirmed rumor, pegs September 9 as the media event date for Apple’s newest announcement and speculates a September 19 product launch for “iPhone 6,” with emphasis on the quotes. In a recent […]   Read More ››

Multiple iPhone 6 Part Leaks Draw New Conclusions

August 12, 2014 •

Monday, August 11, multiple supply chain leaks shed new light on Apple’s upcoming flagship device, the iPhone 6. In a post by Taiwanese news site AppleClub, the above images were posted of an alleged fully assembled iPhone front panel and flex cable. Items to note are the screw assembly plates located behind the Home screen […]   Read More ››

iCloud Drive is Apple’s Answer to Cloud Storage

August 8, 2014 •

With the advent of iPhone 6, which is still growing rumors to launch September 19, Apple is updating the devices operating system. iOS 7 was the largest advancement in iOS, arguably since banner notifications arrived in iOS 5 or the App Store in iOS 3. However, iOS 7 was mostly a graphic user interface overhaul, […]   Read More ››

iPhone 6 Announcement Event Scheduled for Sept. 9

iPhone 6 render

August 6, 2014 •

According to channels, Re/code released a report early on Tuesday, August 5 stating Apple’s newest iteration of the iPhone will be announced September 9. The statement carries heavy weight, considering the connections with Re/code. Popular analyst Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher recently interviewed Eddy Cue on stage at the first Code Con. Eddy Cue threw […]   Read More ››

Glowing Apple Logo Rumored for iPhone 6

August 5, 2014 •

With an anticipated fall launch, the rumor mill will only continue to increase in speed. This is standard for all Apple product launches. Some of the thrill is driven by Apple’s, now alleged, increased security efforts for their supply chain. Additional fuel comes from the secret society that Apple creates for its products and employees. […]   Read More ››