Will Mobile Payment Systems Become The New Norm?

November 16, 2015 •

Tablets and mobile phones are often used as point of sale payment processing systems. This is especially common for small businesses because the cost is fairly low. But they’re not the only ones. Large chains, especially restaurants, have been using tablet payment systems for the past few years. You may have seen them at national chains like Chile’s, Red Robbin, and more recently, Olive Garden.

Tablet Point of Sale

We’ve previously shared the story of ChowNow, a custom app and software developer for restaurants. Many restaurants using ChowNow also have a tablet mounting system to keep the tablet secure and easily accessible for restaurant workers and patrons.

While common in the food industry, this trend isn’t specific to restaurants. Tablets are commonly used by all types of business owners to process payments, collect information or check-in customers.

Tablets for Check-in

Professional Tablet Stands for Payment Systems and Check-in
Our solutions provide convenient and secure tablet stands by pairing a Tablet Holder with a ProClip Pedestal Mount. Our heavy-duty aluminum Pedestal Mounts can attach to a cash register counter, receptionist desk, conference table or any other flat surface. Pedestals come in various heights and some feature a hollow design for hiding annoying cords.

For a more portable solution, the iOstand XT is a floor stand for tablets that can be placed anywhere and easily moved wherever you need it.

Our Key Locking Tablet Holders provide a secure hold for the tablet, while also protecting the device from theft. With built-in tilt and swivel, the tablet can be easily adjusted for use while in the holder.