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A local Audi RS7 owner stopped by the ProClip HQ in Madison, Wisconsin to let us review his beautiful stage-3 hatchback. Making the trek from Chicago, his i90 daytrip was spirited and smooth. This specific RS7 is a land shark... Read More
ProClip Cradles for Samsung XCover6 Pro The work environment continues to evolve and requires increased mobility for operators. These operators require their technology to be easily accessible, safe, charged and ready to go. Samsung XCover6 Pro phones are designed for... Read More
While the iPhone 14 Pro was a minimal upgrade, the Apple Watch Ultra was an entirely new category. Early reports show some buggy experiences with their iPhone 14 Pro models, but the early Ultra seems positive... Read More
The Apple "Far out" event is suspected to bring upgrades to both iPhone and Apple Watch devices, with form factor changes to each... Read More
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