Will Apple Skip Traditional Second Fall Event in 2019?

October 16, 2019 •

Apple iPad Pro Keyboard

With an iPhone announcement event in September complete, the Apple rumor mill churns about a potential October event. Holiday shopping season is quickly approaching and Apple fall events usually announce a myriad of new tech gadgets to be purchased in the millions by yearend. Plenty of new hardware has been rumored across 2019, but most of it may wait until 2020 before a debut. The list of potential October event coverage is fairly long.

October Apple Fall Event

Apple historically hosts two fall events. The precedent is quite long. Apple has hosted two fall events in the following years: 2012; 2013; 2014; 2016; and 2018. Every year two fall events were held, they were held in consecutive months, September and October.

Generally, the Apple fall event in September is mostly dedicated to the iPhone launch. This has been true since 2012, with Apple hosting a mid-month event each year successively. October events tend to cover iPads, Apple TV, and a mixed bag of other hardware like AirPods, Mac Pro, and/or iMac Pro. The events are generally held in late October. Consequently, if there is an event coming this year, invitations may be sent this week or next, for an event the last week in October. First speculated during the Cultcast podcast by Cult of Mac, host @erfon, the proof may be in the timing of a forthcoming Apple earnings call. Later, potentially, confirmed by Apple news reporter @MarkGurman, of Bloomberg, he tweets:

Gurman points out, the Apple’s Q4 earnings call will be hosted on Wednesday, October 30. If history repeats, this speculates a fall event on Tuesday, October 29, or the week of October 21. If an event is to occur next week, expect an imminent invitation to media; however, the invitations rarely come with more than 5 business days notice.

What to expect

If an event is to take place, there are several things that may take the spotlight. Most chronologically pressing is Apple’s newest push into services.

Apple TV+

The new subscription service, which is $4.99/month, or free with new hardware purchase, will bring HBO-quality entertainment to Apple TV+ subscribers and hardware enabled devices. Some single episodes are rumored to cost in excess of $10M. The full number of shows is currently unknown, but announced shows include red carpet stars like: Jennifer Aniston; Reese Witherspoon; Steve Carell; Jason Momoa; Oprah; Joel Kinnaman; and Kumail Nanjiani.

Apple Tile

Several years ago a company by the name of Tile released a small plastic tracker by the same name. Tiles let you stick small plastic pucks the size of a $.50USD piece on, well, anything you do not want to lose. You can use an app to track the location of the device, through the service.

It is widely expected Apple is releasing an inspired device of the same capability. There are even images, see above, found within iOS 13 that allude to this.

AirPods 3.0

Notable Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has suggested updated AirPods should make a late 2019 appearance. These new AirPods would feature a completely new design and possibly include Active Noise Cancellation technology. In early October, the iOS 13.2 beta included an icon that may resemble the new AirPods, possibly with rubber tips.

iPad Pro

Many iPads were announced to market during the fall months. However, it looks like Apple may not need an October event to do the same in 2019. During the September 2019 iPhone event, Apple gave lip service to a new entry level iPad, which boasts a larger 10.2″ screen at the $329 price point. iPad Pro was first announced and launched in October 2018, but may not be pressing for a 12 month refresh. According to MacRumors, iPad Pro refresh cycles are closer to 500 than 365 days.

If Apple holds an October 2019 event, be prepared to see official signs within the next week and a half. Otherwise, expect to wait until sometime in early 2020.