Update on ProClip USA Holders and Qi Wireless Charging

August 8, 2013 •

Nokia Lumia 820Many of you have been eagerly waiting for ProClip phone holders that integrate with Qi wireless charging.

We have been doing a lot of testing with this new technology and have run into some issues that are slowing down the process.

Issue with Qi Charging and Mounting Solutions
The issue we found in our testing is that the current Qi technology will not charge the phone enough to use multiple applications while driving.

For example, if you are using Pandora or iHeart Radio and a navigation app at the same time, the Qi charge will not charge the phone enough while in the holder.

What’s Next?
We will continue to look into using the technology as it progresses, however at this time we will not use it for any of the Qi capable devices being sold.