Upcoming Smartphones and Mobile Tech Trends to Watch in 2014

January 30, 2014 •

Curved Smartphone Displays

With CES held earlier in January and the Mobile World Congress coming up in February, there is a lot of buzz around new technology and upcoming smartphones. Let’s take a look at what we know and what’s rumored to be coming soon.

2014 Tech Trends

  • Bigger Tablets:
    Samsung is releasing a 12-inch Galaxy Note. Panasonic is set to launch a 20-inch Toughpad tablet. While smaller tablets are useful for portability, the bigger is better mindset of smartphones is spilling into the tablet market.
  • Curved and Durable Smartphones:
    The claim of the unbreakable smartphone will be big in 2014, with the 6-inch elastic-coated LG G Flex and the curved Samsung Galaxy Round, both pictured above. Expect to see waterproof as a standard feature for most smartphones and keep your eyes out for more flexible displays.
  • Larger and Higher Resolution Smartphone Screens:
    Smartphones have been getting bigger, to the point where the line between smartphone and tablet is blurry, and so came the phrase “phablet.” As screen size increases, as will resolution so that we can enjoy our large screen experience.

Upcoming Smartphone Releases

Available Now or February

  • Sony Xperia Z1S – T-Mobile
  • Sony Xperia Z1 Compact – T-Mobile
  • LG G Flex – coming to AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile in February
  • Samsung Galaxy Round – currently only available from Korean carriers

Expected to Announce at Mobile World Congress in February

  • HTC One 2 (codenamed M8)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo (also called Note 3 Lite)
  • Sony Xperia Z2
  • Nokia Lumia 1820
  • LG G2 Pro and LG G2 Mini
  • Samsung – rumored Windows 8 smartphone
  • Nokia – rumored Android smartphone (codenamed Normandy)

Other Big Smartphone Announcements to Expect in 2014

  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Nokia Lumia 929