Top 5 iPhone 6s Features

October 1, 2015 •

iPhone 6s gold space gray

iPhone 6s publicly launched on Friday, September 25. The device was available for walk-in appointment purchases and deliveries were made to those who pre-ordered over the past two weeks. With many new features, the iPhone 6s is a powerful device that implements a few new tricks to make the user experience, even better than last year’s model.

The ‘s’ line iPhone generations are iterative instead of revolutionary updates to the device, most notably indicated by the same form factor. When looking at an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, the only physical difference is an ‘s’ tattooed on the back of the latest model. However, internal upgrades make this ‘s’ version shine. Below are our top 6 iPhone 6s features!

1. 3D Touch

Adding another dimension to multi-touch technology, 3D Touch allows users to lightly and more deeply press the screen to action a Peek or Pop. We previously covered the feature more deeply, but now have tested it for ourselves. The ability to quickly Peek at an email without opening it saves a lot of time, instead of opening it and then marking it unread for later. Alternatively, Peeking at a map location from a text message saves time as well. 3D Touch even lets you open an app directly to a specific section of content.

2. Improved Cameras

iPhone 6s boasts a new 12 MP camera and 5 MP front-facing FaceTime HD camera. The standard camera shoots 4K, ultra high definition video, amounting to amazingly crisp photos and videos. The enhanced FaceTime HD camera means clearer video conversations and amazing selfies. Now, the screen even flashes when taking a selfie to give you better light. Camera enhancements lead to our third favorite feature.

3. Live Photos

iPhone 6s live photos

Use those impressive new cameras to take photos in a whole new way. iPhone 6s allows you to take a photo, that also captures 1.5 seconds before and after the actual still moment. When browsing through photos, the snapped moment shows, but 3D Touching the image will play the short 3 second clip.

4. Gaming

iPhone 6s games

Every now and then, we like to put our feet up. When we aren’t spending time creating the most customized after market device mounts for your cars, we are known to kick around some multi-player. The new Apple A9 processor makes the iPhone 6s blazing fast, even in comparison to the iPhone 6. Load times, app switching and launching, are all noticeably faster.

5. Faster Touch ID

iPhone 6s Touch ID

Touch ID allows you to log into the iPhone without inputting a 6-digit numeric or longer alpha numeric password. Simply put, your fingerprint authenticates usage. The feature also crosses over to Apple Pay, App Store, and now, even third-party applications such as: banking apps, PayPal and Amazon. An enhanced Touch ID sensor was built for iPhone 6s, making it at least twice as fast. Sometimes, just grazing the sensor unlocks the device.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are now available to the public in limited quantities across various providers. Entry pricing, on a subsidized contract, begins at $199, unless opting for a newer “upgrade every year” plan. If you are looking for a customized iPhone 6s car mount to perfectly cradle your new device, we have already announced our line.