Today’s Top Affordable Cars You Should be Watching

August 16, 2016 •

Top Affordable Cars in 2016(Image via Chevrolet)

Who doesn’t love a bargain purchase? In 2016, price doesn’t necessarily dictate quality. A few solid car models have breached the market this year, and a lot of them are obtainable without breaking your bank. If you’re looking for value, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s our roundup of 2016’s best options, price-wise:

5. The Nissan Versa: $12,800

NIssan Versa 2016

One of the least-expensive new cars, the Nissan Versa Sedan holds its own via a spacious interior and good fuel economy. While it doesn’t have too many style variations, the Nissan Versa is available in a highly fuel-efficient CVT version, which is fully outfitted with navigation and Bluetooth control.

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4. The Kia Rio LX: $15,015

2016 Kia Rio

The Kia Rio LX offers an automatic transmission, Bluetooth speakerphone, alloy wheels and a highly fuel-efficient engine. Too many cheap vehicles look like cheap vehicles, but the Kia Rio LX tosses in a little luxury atop a truly affordable model. In essence, the Kia Rio LX is the industry’s inexpensive car housed in an expensive-looking shell.

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3. The Chevrolet Sonic LS: $15,200

216 Chevy Sonic
The Sonic offers a solid 1.8-liter engine, stylish interior, alloy wheels and a high-end, 10-airbag protection system. It’s sporty and substantial, and it’s a solid price-tag alternative to the Ford Fiesta. If you’re looking for a dependable American car, the Chevrolet Sonic LS is a good choice.

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2. The Hyundai Accent GLS: $15,580

2016 Hyundai Accent
Similar to the Kia Rio, the Hyundai Accent offers generous back seat space, a solid warranty, a fuel-efficient engine and a keyless remote. While some may find the Accent’s up-front area a little cramped, its back area definitely lands it a spot on the much-coveted “value list.” It’s a solid ride, and it comes in upgraded versions at small incremental costs.

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1. The Chevrolet Spark LS: $13,500

Another Chevrolet, the Spark, offers new additions in 2016. While $500 more than last year’s version, the Spark LS features a touch-screen stereo, Bluetooth, alloy wheels, OnStar, and a truly mature look. Where price is considered, it’s a little mid-range for cheap buys, but the dollars are worth it due to the Spark’s solid EPA fuel economy. With a collision warning system, lane-departure, and a good amount of back cabin space, the Spark is one of the best deals around.

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Remember: Balance features with price tags. Finding a good deal requires a keen eye for options. The vehicles above fit residential lifestyles, too. Examine your options, write out your budget and select a model guaranteed to please.

Do you think we are missing any vehicles that should be on this list? Let us know what you think!