Snapchat Releases New Generation of Snapchat Spectacles

May 22, 2018 •


Image via Android Police

Snapchat has definitely changed the way people use their smartphones to take images and videos and then share them with others. It’s an app that’s designed to let you create multimedia messages that persist for limited periods of time. However, there are ways to save copies to your device. Still, the idea of enhancing privacy by attempting to limit who sees your images and for how long they are accessible has lead to widespread use of Snapchat.

If you’re a frequent user of Snapchat and have enjoyed wearing the company’s  Spectacles to make videos to share with people, you be glad to know that a new version of these glasses has just been released.

Second Generation Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat initially sold its Spectacles through just a few vending machines, regulating them to the status of fad rather than being adopted widely amongst users, noted a report from Android Police. The first version of Spectacles was heavier than the current model, which means the new generation is more comfortable for users to wear. This could lead to people wearing Spectacles for longer periods, boosting engagement with the Snapchat platform.

While the original Spectacles were only able to record videos, the new model lets you take still pictures too. All images are recorded in high definition now. Since the higher resolution will result in larger file sizes, Snapchat has boosted the Spectacles data transfer speed fourfold when moving images and videos to your smartphone.

What’s more, they has certified that their Spectacles will be water resistant for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. The second generation of Snapchat Spectacles is now selling at $150, a $20-increase from the original version. Customers can order versions colored onyx, ruby and sapphire.

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