Rumors Run Around A Curved iPhone 6 Screen

April 25, 2014 •



Over the past several weeks, we have been keeping an eye on the iPhone 6 rumors. Information about the device will help us plan for upcoming harnesses, but the rumor mill is firing on all cylinders. Rampant rumors with such varying expectations have not been this strong since the form factor change from iPhone 4s to iPhone 5.

Just last week, it was noted a curved glass iPhone 6 screen was no longer considered a viable rumor. However, a new report from Mac Otakara, a well connected outlet, highlights the iPhone 6 will feature a curved glass display and an all-aluminum casing. Immediately following the news, French tech site drafted the images in this post.


As pictured, the device utilizes a new aluminum body around the entire phone. Previously, this design was not possible due to radio reception issues for WiFi, LTE, and other sensors built into the iPhone. If Apple has determined a way to penetrate the aluminum casing by building a connection into the housing, perhaps this is a viable option. However, it is almost certain Apple has not been working on new LTE technologies to work around aluminum. More likely, Apple will figure out a way to make their hardware work in harmony with the signals, thus providing the option to build an all-metal housing.

Another interesting item in the mockup commissioned by is the button on the iPhone’s right side. Previous generations of iOS devices lack a right side button. Upon closer investigation, it appears to be the power button, as it does not exist on the iPhone’s top edge. Considering the potential size increase to 4.7″ and 5.5″, it would be difficult to tap the power button with one hand, if left on the device’s top.


The power button shift may also link to several alleged iPhone 6 case leaks. Many Chinese case manufactures build iPhone cases in advance of launch, hoping to have the dimensions correct. Frequently, the cases prove to be correct once the iPhone is revealed. Over the past, week a case leaked with different shaped volume buttons to match the iPhone Air and mini retina models. Additionally, the relocated power button appears on the right hand side, similar to the mockup above.


Of these findings, the most believable shift in form factor are the relocated power button and volume button changes. Most certainly, iPhone 6 will be thinner and lighter, as will all iterations of the device since 2007. Less likely, are the beliefs in a curved surface. There is curved glass technology on the market, but it is more likely to be seen on Apple’s upcoming mystery device dubbed “iWatch” by armchair blogging pundits.

Look for iPhone 6 to come in various sizes, depending on the launch dates. Also, it is best not to expect the device to launch at this summer’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Apple shifted to a fall release for both iPads and iPhones last year. WWDC will, most likely, focus on iOS 8 and OS X improvements.

[source: MacRumors]