Protecting Your Smartphone from Screen Damage

March 7, 2017 •

Protecting Your Smartphone from Screen Damage
With their large, edge-to-edge screens, modern phones are now more susceptible to screen damage than ever before. For many smartphones, replacing the screen glass can cost anywhere from $150 to $300: half the price of the phone itself. The best way to avoid this is through protection.

Get the Right Case and Screen Protector

Many fashionable cases are designed to protect against scratches, dents, and dings. When it comes to protecting your screen, you want to look for something that is “shock resistant” or “shock absorbent.” These are the phone cases that will actually minimize damage when your phone is dropped or has something fall on it.

In addition to a case, you also want a screen protector. Not all cases come with screen protectors, but they’re extremely important: over time, small scratches in the glass of your phone could lead to it cracking or fracturing.

Always Secure Your Device Safely

When you’re in motion, your device should always be secured safely. Simply falling off or across a dashboard can cause damage to your phone that may not be immediately apparent. Over time, this invisible damage will impact the phone’s structural integrity — and when your phone finally does suffer a serious fall, it will shatter.

When exercising or running, use an armband rather than your pocket to safely protect your phone. When you’re in the car, use a dedicated phone holder and dashboard mount such as the ones offered by ProClip USA. And when out and about, make sure your device is secured alone in a pocket, wallet, or bag, so that it isn’t rattling around with coins and keys.

Consider Using Hands-Free Technology

Finally, one of the most common ways people damage their phone is by yanking the wires attached to the phone. If possible, hands-free Bluetooth sets can be both convenient and make this far less likely.

In addition to protecting your smartphone in the above ways, you may want to consider the advantages of keeping insurance on your device. Meanwhile, consider investing in protection-based accessories such as ProClip as a way to improve your smartphone’s safety.