The HUGE Security Flaw in Your iPhone – ProClip Roundup Recap

February 1, 2019 •

ProClip Roundup – Season 5 Episode 1

Hello everybody and welcome back to a brand-new season of the ProClip Roundup! It’s the weekly news show where we bring you the mobile and car tech news that’s actually worth talking about.

Apple’s Huge Security Flaw

A recent discovery for iPhone and Mac owners found a security issue that you can hear the audio from your FaceTime recipient when calling before they actually pick up your call. The bug happens when using the volume or power button to mute the call triggering the device to transfer video and audio. Mac computers were also plagued with the issue, which could be worse with the longer ring time on computers over iPhones. Apple shut down group FaceTime to temporarily stop the bug and claims they will have a full fix for the security risk within one week.

Facebook Merging Messaging Apps

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that they will be merging all of Facebook’s messaging apps into one app. This means that Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram messages will all be able to reach any user on any of the platforms without having to register for an account. This may sound useful at first, but it’s likely just a new way for Facebook to further monetize their platforms.

Phone Companies to Stop Selling Real Time Data

Earlier this month, phone providers announced they would stop selling their customers’ real-time location data to third parties. The data apparently had been landing in the hands of bounty hunters and other unauthorized people. Motherboard even claimed to have paid a bounty hunter $300 to find their phone and it worked! Google stated they have never sold this data through their Google Fi service, but has asked their partners T-Mobile and Sprint to stop selling the data as well.

Toyota Brings Back the Supra

Toyota made headlines at the Detroit Auto Show when they unveiled the all-new Supra. Initial reactions to the once Iconic sports car were mixed, with criticism over the BMW engine, only having an automatic transmission and basically being a rebadged BMW Z4. The Supra will also have 47 HP less than the Z4. Toyota did state that they made the four-cylinder model with the ability to swap the engine for the 2JZ inline six.

Samsung Ditches Plastic Packaging

Samsung is eliminating their plastic packaging in their phones in favor of more eco-friendly materials. The new packaging will be replaced by bio-plastics, recycled plastics and paper. The phone chargers will now have a matte finish instead of gloss so it will no longer require plastic protection film.

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