Parkopedia Improves Apple Maps to Include Data on Nearby Parking Lots and Garages

August 15, 2016 •

Parkopedia Improves Apple Maps to Include Data on Nearby Parking Lots and Garages
The struggle to find parking accommodations, especially when you are in an unfamiliar area, should be less of a problem now that Apple Maps has begun to offer supplemental information about spaces via the Parkopedia app’s database. Apple started making the data available this spring and it is still in limited rollout with no timetable from the company on when it will expand to all iOS users.

Location Services

When Apple first began offering parking information in Maps, only limited details were available. This ended when Apple began working with the Parkopedia dataset in March. With location services enabled on your iPhone or iPad, you will see an icon on your Apple Maps app showing where you left your vehicle. This happens automatically whenever you finish a trip and the end point is not your home, noted Apple Insider.

Now you can see that information as well as details on the hours of operation for a particular parking facility. You’ll also see at a glance the payment options and if there are charging spots for electric vehicles.


The Parkopedia app currently provides parking information for 38 million parking spots in 75 countries with the goal of mapping and listing every parking spot on the planet. The developers refer to it as “Wikipedia for parking” because end users can offer new information as well as review or make edits. It is a free app for iPhones and iPads running iOS 8.0 and higher.

The app allows you to quickly find parking near you, with pricing and availability updated in real time. The newly updated app automatically marks where you parked your car too, making it easier to find when you’re ready to move on.

Widespread usage of iOS devices and the ability of their users to share information on parking lots is possible thanks to built-in GPS and location services. You can help fellow drivers when you add information to the data that Parkopedia is amassing.

If you dread the time you typically have to waste searching for a decent parking space near your destination, the new expansion of the Parkopedia app’s database for Apple Maps should help speed up your future efforts to locate a space in a garage or parking lot. You’ll have more time to spend taking care of business instead of aimlessly looking for an empty spot.