Nanoleaf Aurora Lets You Control Colorful Modular Lighting Panels With Your Android Device

December 8, 2017 •

Nanoleaf Aurora

Image via Know Your Mobile

Do you like to look at appealing colors and shapes, but are looking for something a bit more futuristic? Instead of the standard oil painting, perhaps an electronic device that allows you to program different colored lights will be more appealing.

It’s true that installing artwork in your home is a great way to distinguish your dwelling from those of your friends and neighbors. It is also a great way to express your sense of style. However, artwork does not need to be confined to paintings, photos and sculptures when it comes to home decor. You can now get creative with your home furnishings and control how they look with the Nanoleaf Aurora system.

Introduction to Lighting from Nanoleaf Aurora

Imagine your living room bathed in different hues of light. Now imagine you determining those colors and patterns through the use of an app on your Android mobile device. This is Nanoleaf Aurora.

As noted by a recent report from Know Your Mobile, Nanoleaf Aurora is a system comprised of LED lights configured into triangular panels. You connect the panels to one another through chips and they all receive power from an electrical outlet. The starter pack includes 9 panels, which you arrange on the wall according to your design musings.

Nanoleaf Aurora panels are intended for ambiance and style rather than to provide reading light throughout the room. You will still need your standard light fixtures for that.

Nanoleaf Aurora: Changing Colors and Patterns

The Android smartphone app for Nanoleaf Aurora lets you select which colors or patterns will play on the light panels. There is the option to upgrade from the starter kit and receive an Aurora Rhythm device, which connects to one of the panels. You can allow this device to monitor music playing to change the colors dynamically based on the changing sounds. This is perfect for a party atmosphere!

ProClip USA: Table Mounts

When using a smartphone or tablet to control the triangular light panels, the last thing you’ll want is to lose track of the device. To keep your device easily accessible, check out ProClip’s table mounts. ProClip table mounts provide the perfect way to keep your device within easy reach and in an upright position.

This mount allows you to quickly access your Android device to adjust the settings of your Nanoleaf Aurora panels. Now your room will always be in the right mood!