All the Biggest Announcements from Mobile World Congress 2019

February 28, 2019 •

Mobile World Congress

Image via Engadget

What is Mobile World Congress

The world of mobile technology comes together each year for the largest mobile event in the world. The latest innovations and technology from more than 2,000 companies showcase the future of the digital world that we live in. This year’s event brought plenty of new and exciting tech worth keeping an eye on.

The Foldable Phone Frenzy

At CES 2019, the world got a closeup of the first foldable-screen smartphone, the Royole Flexpai. While the idea behind the phone was exciting, the phone itself was not good. Shortly after, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Fold. At Mobile World Congress, several others (Xiaomi, Oppo, TCL) have teased or introduced their own iteration of flexible phones. The phone that showed off the foldable frenzy the best was the Huawei Mate X, though several who got their hands on the device mentioned the poor design of the hinge. These phones are certainly a long way away from being used in our everyday lives. It is, however, great to see phone manufacturers continue to push the envelope when it comes to smartphone design.

Our 5G Future

No, 5G is not here yet. Despite all of the bold proclamations that you may see on TV or across the internet, we are still not close to having fully functional 5G networks across the United States. That being said, 5G is coming sooner rather than later and phone manufacturers appear to be ready for it. Motorola introduced a 5G Moto Mod in 2018, Samsung unveiled a 5G Galaxy S10 last week, and the trend continued at Mobile World Congress. LG showed off a 5G version of the V50 ThinQ, OnePlus shared a heavily protected 5G prototype and the aforementioned Huawei Mate X also comes equipped with 5G capabilities. Until chipmakers like Qualcomm are putting 5G chips in every phone and providers like Verizon and AT&T rollout infrastructure improvements across the country (and not just select big cities) you’re probably safest to ignore the marketing hype around 5G until early 2020.

Other Big News

Mobile World Conference brought us plenty of other fun and exciting news. Energizer unleashed a powerbank that doubles as a phone, or is it a phone that doubles as a powerbank? Either way, the Energizer PowerMax P18K is a behemoth that packs an 18,000 mAh battery. It boasts the ability to handle 90 hours of calls, listen to 100 hours of music and watch around 2 days of video on a single charge. In standby mode, the battery lasts up to 50 days. It is thicker than two iPhones stacked on top of each other, but it does have the capability to charge all your other devices.

The conference also brought the news of 1TB microSD cards, a new smartwatch from Nubia that almost acts as a phone itself, new laptops, VR, and that foldable Motorola Razr is supposedly still happening. The next year in tech sure is shaping up to be an exciting one! Tune into our ProClip Roundup for regular updates on the tech news that’s actually worth talking about.