Speed Up Your Journey Through U.S. Customs With The Mobile Passport App

July 10, 2017 •

Mobile Passport App

Now that summer is upon us and people are finalizing their vacation plans, it’s time to consider the logistics of getting in and out of airports. The less time you have to spend getting through the lines with your fellow travelers, the better.

The Mobile Passport App

To that end, you can make your summer travel adventures go more smoothly by installing the Mobile Passport app on your Android mobile device. It is officially authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and is designed to let travelers provide their declaration information by smartphone.

The free app was just updated in June to add Los Angeles International Airport. Mobile Passport currently helps passengers move more swiftly through 1 cruise port along with 24 airlines.

How To Use The Mobile Passport App

If you have prior experience traveling internationally, you already know the drill about customs. Passengers coming back to the United States have to provide passport control and customs declaration details. Rather than waiting in the ordinary line to enter the U.S., people who use the Mobile Passport app are allowed to skip using the standard white and blue declaration form. Instead, they use their Android device to digitally submit their official information.

You begin by filling out your profile details with information from your passport. Then, you answer all questions about your trip from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. When you arrive at the airport, you use the app to submit the information and then get a digital receipt of confirmation from the CBP.

App users are allowed to bypass the standard line for passengers who have paperwork to present, following signs to get to the line for Mobile Passport Control. You scan your digital receipt from the Android device and present your passport to the office at the CBP, saving you time and effort. The receipt is valid for four hours and you cannot re-use them or transfer them to other passengers.

The Mobile Passport app is now available for use in 24 airports from Baltimore to San Francisco (and Port Everglades). It requires Android version 4.4 and up. Remember that you must still carry your actual passport, as the app is not a direct digital replacement for this document.

If you are traveling as a family, you can transmit information for all household members in the app with one convenient submission. Happy traveling!