Eager Fans of Apple Smartphones Contend With iPhone XR Delays

September 27, 2018 •

iPhone XR

Image via Apple

If you count yourself among those diehard Apple fans who are early adopters and always crave the latest device upgrades, you may feel somewhat frustrated because of a delay in the release of the iPhone XR.

Reasons for the Delay

Rumors began swirling about production issues plaguing the rollout of the new iPhone XR. The device is now slated to hit stores on October 26, according to a report from BGR. One reason for the delay is Apple switching iPhone XR orders away from manufacturer Pegatron to Foxconn in China.

Factory capacity was strained to meet Apple’s demands, production of key components to build the XR was unexpectedly delayed and a shortage of workers all contributed to the slowdown. In particular, the supply of LCD screens from Japan has been erratic.

Technical Specifications of the iPhone XR

The iPhone XR runs on an A12 Bionic chip and has a 12MP camera with a wide-angle lens and digital zoom up to 5x. It records in 4K at speeds up to 60 fps, enabling you to take 8MP still images while shooting videos. For security, you can unlock the device with Face ID.

Apple’s XR will be available in configurations ranging from 64GB to 256GB memory. It weighs a mere 6.84 ounces and measures 5.94 inches by 2.98 inches by 0.33 inches, boasting a 6.1-inch diagonal liquid retina HD display with 1792-828 pixel resolution (326 ppi).

Should You Upgrade Your iPhone?

Some people are content to get by with an iPhone that is several years old. This is fine if the device is still meeting their basic needs of staying in touch with friends and family and getting online for work and fun.

But other individuals require the newest model and the most current software, especially when it comes to tasks for school or work. If you are the type of smartphone user who always needs the latest version of the iOS operating system (capable of running the most current apps), switching to the new iPhone XR will very well likely be worth the $749 to upgrade.

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