iPhone 8 Confirmed To Be Waterproof and Part Leaks

July 18, 2017 •

iPhone 8

On the heels of Apples annual Worldwide Developer Conference, iPhone 8 rumors continue to churn. Much of the information is becoming a repeat of previous claims. There are ongoing discussions about whether the device will have a full glass front, with an embedded finger print scanner. Or, whether that same scanner will move to the back. Will the device have wireless charging? Will the form factor be bigger than a current iPhone Plus? What direction will the double camera sit? However, until recently, waterproofing was not a hot topic. Suddenly, “is the iPhone 8 waterproof?” went from darkness, passed rumor, straight to “confirmed.”

iPhone 8 Waterproofing

iPhone 8

When discussing iPhone assembly factories, one most often thinks of Pegatron, a Taiwanese electronic factory, made infamous years ago for suicidal employees and poor working conditions. Foxconn is another factory that is often discussed. These two giants are typically Apple’s go-to suppliers/assemblers and the Cupertino company keeps close eye on these facilities.

In a strange turn, iPhone assembler Wistron, which previously received no notoriety in the press or blogs as working with Apple, just burst into the news. Robert Hwang, Wistron CEO, told reporters, “assembly process for previous generations of [iPhones] have not changed much, though new features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing, and waterproof function will alter the assembly process,” per Nikkei Asian Review

Adding weight, Apple analyst Jeff Pu of Yuanta Investment Consulting and Arthur Liao of Fubon Securities argue Wistron is splitting orders of a flat paneled iPhone with Foxconn. Consequently, the claim by Wistron CEO could be referring to the iPhone 7s Plus, given the size and flat-nature of the screens being produced. iPhone 8 is still expected to offer some form of curved OLED panel. However, if the iPhone 7s is expected to receive waterproofing and wireless charging, it is certain the iPhone 8 would receive the same or better options.

iPhone 8 Part Leaks

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 rumors are a dime-a-dozen at this point. The rumor mill has been more aggressive for this model than seemingly any previous iPhone models. These are the first part leaks to-date. Via reddit, take that with a pinch of salt, the images are claimed to be from a case manufacturer, who received them from a supplier in China. The claim is not that outlandish, given supply chain leaks to case manufacturers is common place. This gives the accessory makers a jump on creating perfectly sized cases, to launch with the new device. That avenue of leaked parts, has been correct in the past.

The device gives us a look at the front and back glass panels, which seem to confirm many iPhone 8 rumors, assuming the parts are genuine. A dual lens camera with embedded flash can be seen on the back panel. There is still speculation around the flash placement, but more commonly, it is suspected to be located between the two lenses. A small microphone hold can be seen as well. The back lacks a location for the Touch ID sensor.

On the front panel, a full edge to edge screen is seen, without a specific location for the Touch ID sensor. Given no similar sensor is seen on the back, this may confirm an embedded sensor, behind the front screen. The ear piece and front facing camera can be seen in a small panel on the top, most likely also hiding the ambient light sensor.

However, to throw doubt into the leak, Apple no longer includes the manufacturing iconography on the bottom of iPhones. On the back panel, you can see “iPhone/ Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China,” but that is followed with the device information and markings. These have been absent for at least the last two generations of iPhone.