How to Quickly Set Up Your New iPhone 8 with Information From Your Older Device

October 2, 2017 •

Automatic Setup Feature

You are excited about using your brand new iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus, but then realize that before you can get started, you have a bunch of information on your previous iPhone that needs to be transferred over. If you have ever had to put up with the time and effort of transferring contacts, settings and data to a new device before, you may be dreading the amount of time you think it will take with this latest upgrade.

However, as noted recently by CNET, Apple has made the process faster with the new iOS operating system version 11, which includes the handy Automatic Setup feature.

iPhone 8 Devices: Automatic Setup Feature

Power up the old iPhone and the new iPhone 8 and keep them next to each other so you can see both screens. Then, tap “Continue” on the iPhone 8 in response to a dialog box asking if you would like to set up the device using your iCloud account.

At this point, you can expect to see a circular graphic on the new iPhones display. A message appearing on your older iPhone will instruct you to use its camera to scan the circle on the new device. (If you’ve ever paired an Apple Watch with an iPhone, the process is the same). The new iPhone requires you to type in your old device’s password as well as your iCloud credentials.

You will be asked to respond to more prompts on your iPhone 8 to finish up the setup, which will migrate over details including information for Siri, your keyboard and language preferences as well as details of places you frequently visit. However, the Automatic Setup feature doesn’t copy everything. You’ll still need to take care of downloading purchased apps to the new device.

The ProClip Solution: Stay Hands-Free

Once you’ve set up your new iPhone with all the information from your previous device, you can get even more value out of it by using an accessory that frees up your hands during routine use.

ProClip’s phone table stand enables you to keep the screen positioned at the perfect viewing angle in any situation, including when doing tasks that do not require full-time use of your hands, such as checking email, watching a video or surfing the web.