iPhone 5 – What Color Should You Buy?

October 12, 2012 •

We took another poll this week on our Facebook page. Our last iPhone 5 polls were on the Lightning Connector (which users have come to like) and using cases with iPhone (a majority do use a case). You can check out those iPhone 5 poll results here. The iPhone 5 is still a hot topic, so we decided to ask about the color options currently available for iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 in Black and WhiteBlack or White iPhone 5?
Which is better, a black or white iPhone 5? We posed the question on Facebook; it turns out most people prefer a more traditional black phone.

iPhone 5 Poll - Black or White?

Will There Ever Be More iPhone 5 Color Options?
The iPhone has traditionally been offered in either black or white. Apple hasn’t decided to go the bold color route like some other phones, such as the Nokia Lumia 920, which is offered in black, white, gray, yellow and red. For now, Apple users will have to take the route of applying a bold case that displays their personality if they want to kick up their iPhone 5 style.