An Inside Look at iOauto Pro

October 18, 2013 •

We recently gave you a closer look into the iOauto product: how it works, benefits, compatibility, etc. The iOauto is just one product in the iOauto System. We also have an iOauto Pro. As the name suggests, it is the step up from the iOauto and offers an added angling feature.

iOauto Pro Phone Mount

How iOauto Pro Works
Powered by iOmountsThe iOauto Pro essentially works the same as the iOauto. You must first attach the iOadapt disc to the back of your phone or small handheld device and you can then magnetically attach your phone (with iOadapt disc) to the iOauto Pro core, which installs to your ProClip dash mount the same as any other ProClip holder would. As we explained with the iOauto, the iOauto Pro can also be used for phones with or without cases.

iOauto Protective SkinProtective Skin Included
Included with the iOauto and iOauto Pro kits are two clear skins that can be used to provide a barrier between your phone/device and the iOadapt disc.

The adhesive from the disc is very strong, so the clear skin provides you with a way to protect your phone without adding a case/cover to your device. Some people like to use a case or cover on their devices so the clear skin provided in the kit may not be needed. The iOadapt can adhere to most flat surfaces.


iOadapt CaseiOadapt with No Case



iOauto Pro






Mounting In Your Car
The iOauto Pro attaches to a ProClip dashboard mount which is custom designed for each vehicle make, model and year. The magnet works in the same way as the iOauto in that it will hold your phone securely but will release easily when tugged from the magnetic iOauto Pro core.




iOauto Pro CoreiOauto vs. iOauto Pro
So far the two products sound quite similar, but the iOauto Pro does have an added angle feature. The core of the iOauto Pro sits on top of an angled, silver dome base. This allows for 45 degree angling in any direction. The iOauto Pro is ideal for allowing passengers to access the phone or for the driver to angle the phone to avoid glare. The iOauto Pro still allows for the same full 360 degree rotation as the iOauto so you can use your phone in both portrait and landscape.

The iOauto and iOauto Pro are not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4.

*We originally published that the Samsung Note 3 was not compatible, but after further testing we have determined that the Note 3 will work with the iOauto and iOauto Pro.

How to Buy
If you already have a ProClip vehicle mount, you can purchase the iOauto Pro Magnetic Mount on our website. You can shop for the complete iOauto or iOauto Pro kits on

Watch for the iObike mount to soon be available!!