The Rise of the Infotainment System

June 12, 2018 •

Infotainment System

Ford Sync Vs. Apple CarPlay Vs. Android Auto

CD players are out, and the smartphone-synced infotainment system is in. If you’re like most drivers, you and your smartphone can’t be parted with. Between making calls, playing music and using Google Maps, your driving life can’t part with your device.

A few in-car entertainment systems have rolled out in recent years. Among these, several stand out above the competition.

  • Ford Sync 3
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto

Each packs a wealth of features, but each is different in its own way. Which is best for you? Let’s take a look.

Ford Sync 3

Evolved from the MyFord Touch “infotainment” driving system, Ford Sync 3 has recovered from the design’s previous issues. The new Ford Sync 3 features virtual buttons, a touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity. Its major benefits include:

  • Easy-use navigation access and switching
  • Vehicle radio control
  • Vehicle climate control
  • Hands-free phone calling

Ford Sync  can be used alongside both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Ford’s initiative to make convenient technology has made it easier than ever to connect across all platforms.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay lets users access their iPhone apps via Ford’s Sync system seamlessly. Once you’ve connected your iPhone to your vehicle’s USB port, you can do the following:

  • Access music apps
  • Make and receive calls
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Get traffic-optimized directions

Apple CarPlay drivers will also benefit from hands-free Siri voice control support. The system can be connected to Ford’s Sync system, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be used on its own.

Android Auto

Designed to reduce driving distractions, Android Auto gives drivers access to smartphone apps, voice-guided Google maps and full calling utility. Unique to Android Auto is its Google Play Music feature. Google Play Music lets drivers stream music easier than ever, empowering them with voice-controlled options.

Also connectable to Ford’s Sync system, Android Auto is a good option for those who have an Android smartphone, rather than an iPhone.

Which Infotainment System is the Best?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are incredibly similar. They’re so similar, in fact, that we suggest buying whichever option matches your smartphone. If you’re dead-set on having a slightly more fluid infotainment system, Android Auto pushes ahead.

Ford Sync, meanwhile, has simplified the many functions of previous on-board infotainment systems. If you buy any 2017 Ford vehicle featuring Sync 3, you’ll have one of the best systems around. Because today’s Ford Sync system has ironed out some clunkier features old systems used, it’s smoother than Apple CarPlay and Android Auto alike.

At the end of the day, Ford Sync offers the most flexibility while packing the industry’s leading entertainment technology.

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