How to Get Back Your Cup Holder with a Car Phone Mount

Is your car's cup holder overtaken because you use it to store your phone? Get it back and use it for what it was meant for - holding cups!
Phone in Messy Cupholder

Is your cup holder often filled with drinks, wrappers, spare change or whatever else you don’t have a place for in your car? Are you also trying to find a place to set your phone in there? Maybe trying, but we’re guessing it’s not always successful.

Don’t Use the Cup Holder – Use a Car Mount!
We can help you fix part of your problem here. Your cup holder is meant for drinks, cans, bottles, etc. (duh, cups!). That soda stained cup holder isn’t the place for your expensive phone (maybe even a new iPhone 5?).

Even if you manage to keep your car neat and tidy, it’s better to have a designated spot for your phone that keeps it in arms reach and in easy view so you don’t take your eyes off the road while driving. So how do you achieve this goal, you ask?

Custom Car Mounts for Your Phone
Our ProClip USA phone holders and car mounts are a great way to keep your phone securely mounted in place. You don’t have to worry about it falling between the seats or sitting in your sticky cup holder mess. Plus, it’s easy to install with no holes or drilling required. AND it is custom fit to your exact phone (or tablet, or GPS or other mobile device) and to your make and model vehicle. That means it’s always a perfect fit every time!

Need Help Buying Your Holder and Mount?
Check out our Mount Shopping guides and tips to get you started:

Now, about that sticky, messy cup holder… we’ll leave that one up to you!