ProClip USA Phone Mounts Now Available for Tesla Model 3

ProClip USA has released a new mount for the Tesla Model 3. The mount is designed to snap into the seams of your console with no drilling required.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

With 325,000 reservations within one week of being unveiled, the Tesla Model 3 quickly became one of the most talked about cars of all-time. After numerous delays in production, the Model 3 is now rolling out across the world to mostly glowing reviews.

The Model 3 features a 310-mile range when fully charged, giving drivers the freedom to travel with little worry. With more than 10,000 Tesla Superchargers worldwide, owning a Tesla is more convenient than ever before. And with a price tag starting at $34,200, owning one of the most popular and stylish electric cars is also pretty affordable.

The Tesla Model 3 includes a beautiful 15-inch touchscreen display and an interior design unlike any other car, and you can use your smartphone as a key. You want to keep your interior looking clean, and nobody likes their smartphone rattling around in the cupholder.

No More Fumbling

ProClip offers a two-part mounting solution for your Model 3. The mounting base is custom-made for the Model 3. It is designed to snap into the seams of the console with no drilling or adhesives required. It is machine and hand-tooled with high-quality ABS and Acetal plastic and is not mass-produced with injection molding.

The second part of the solution is the device holder which is custom for your smartphone. Using our Device Holder Finder, you can find your smartphone and choose from a number of different options including custom fit for bare device, adjustable for phones with cases, and with or without charging.

Together, you have a complete ProClip mounting solution. This provides you a safe, secure place to keep your phone in your Tesla Model 3.