Apple Announces New iPhone 5

September 14, 2012 •

On Wednesday Sep. 12th Apple Inc. (AAPL) announced the next generation of their iconic smartphone. While it was not a complete surprise (given the amount of leaks over the past weeks) it is still a marvel of form and iPhone 5function wrapped together.

What’s New?
The iPhone 5 is the first truly redesigned iPhone since June 2010. So what has changed in the new design? Well, quite a few things actually. Despite the iPhone 5 looking like a taller version of the 4S there are some significant changes both under the hood and in the open.

First, of course, is the new screen. The iPhone has been utilizing a 3.5 inch screen since the very first model. (Six generations ago!) While it has worked for them for a long time, in an age of 4.3-5.5 inch displays, it no longer looks that special. The iPhone 5 sports a new 4 inch retina display that is not only larger but, Apple claims, is also more colorful. According to Apple’s website the iPhone 5’s display has 44% greater color saturation than the 4S.

Despite this new larger display the phone actually has less mass. It is a mere 7.6 mm thick, and only weighs in at 112 grams. This means despite having a larger screen, the phone actually takes up 12% LESS space than the iPhone 4S!

These are not the only things that have changed. Gone is the shatter prone back piece made of glass. The back plate is now matte aluminum (with glass highlights at the top and bottom). The front facing camera is now capable of 720p video resolution. So Facetime chats can be in higher definition than before. There is, of course, a faster processor as well as better battery life.

The Debated
But the two most notable changes (and possibly one of the most contested) are the new “Ultrafast wireless” and the new connector. The “Ultrafast wireless” (as Apple calls it) really means the new iPhone is 4G capable. The most impressive thing about that is how many different network types it will support including: HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, and LTE. All of these network options mean the iPhone 5 should be able to get blazing fast data speed no matter what carrier you choose.

The new dock connector is possibly the most hotly debated new feature of the iPhone 5. Gone is the 30-pin connector that has been in use since 2003. Replaced by a new connector Apple has dubbed the “Lightning Connector.” The new connector is 80% smaller than the old 30-pin connector, and (Apple claims) more durable. It is also reversible, meaning it can be inserted up or down. Eliminating the headache of trying to figure out which end is up on your cable. However, a new connector also means that none of the old 30-pin accessories will work with the iPhone 5.

ProClip and the iPhone 5
ProClip is as excited about the new iPhone as anyone. After all, we would not be doing this if we didn’t love new tech. So we will be waiting in line on launch day, to get our iPhones. Once we have them we will get straight to work making a quality holding solution that our customers have come to expect. Typically we need about 3-5 weeks to have the perfect custom solution once we have a new device in house. We hope to cut our typical development time in half!

Charging and Active Holders
Because of the change in the type of connector used in the iPhone 5, it is currently too early to have any details on when the new connector will be available to us. Rest assured we will be working as fast as possible to complete our iPhone 5 holders.

News and Info
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