Car Phone Mounts Can Help Drivers Comply with Hands-Free Driving Laws

A new Illinois law prohibits drivers from touching their phone while driving. Cell phone car mounts allow drivers a safe and legal place for their phones.
Cell Phone Car Mounts

A new law in Illinois prohibits drivers from talking on the phone while holding a cell phone and driving.

Effective January 1, 2014, the law requires Illinois drivers to use a Bluetooth or other hands-free devices to make phone calls while driving. Drivers must pull over to the side of the road to make a call while holding a cell phone, unless it is an emergency situation.

Chicago and some other Illinois cities already had hands-free laws in place, but this new law is effective statewide. The fine is $75 for the first offense and will increase by $25 with subsequent offenses. If a driver is stopped three times in one year, he will lose his license.

Illinois is not the only state to move towards hands-free driving laws or some type of limitation on using cell phones while driving. Awareness initiatives like the Don’t Text & Drive Campaign bring important attention to the dangers of texting or other distractions while behind the wheel.

With new technology, many smartphones have voice recognition software that allows users to make phone calls without ever touching the phone. Many people also use their smartphones to play music through their car speakers or as a GPS device. If used safely, these features can be enjoyed while still abiding by new state laws.

ProClip car phone mounting solutions allow drivers a place to securely place their phone in the car. Use of our cell phone car mounts allows drivers to safely and legally enjoy these smartphone features.

We care about your safety! Make yourself aware of the laws in your state, but no matter where you are, we never recommend texting while driving in any situation.