[Video] A Home For Your Phone – ProClip

June 14, 2017 •


Almost everyone has a phone and brings it wherever they go. So, where do people put their device when they are driving to work or running errands? While making their daily commute, some people put their phone in their lap or even in the cup holder. This leads to the phone banging around or sometimes falling on the ground. To keep your phone safe and within easy reach, ProClip is your solution.

ProClip – A Home For Your Phone

ProClip offers a convenient, hands-free mounting location for your device. The mount clips easily into the existing seams of your vehicle, therefore never damaging your vehicle’s interior. We provide vehicle-specific and device-specific mounts so your device will fit perfectly into our holders.

Our mounts make it easier for you to access music and navigation, as well as charge your phone while on the road. Our phone holders include tilt-swivel so you can rotate your phone and easily move it from portrait to landscape view.

The best part about our mounting solution is that your phone will be in plain sight, but not block your view of the road. We put safety as our number one priority for not only your phone, but for you as well! Our mounts help you focus on driving and avoid all the distractions that can come along with your phone.

Watch the video below to get a visual overview of the ProClip mounting solution.

The ProClip Solution

We offer custom mounts to keep your device safe and secure while you drive. All of our holders and mounts are made out of durable, high-grade ABS plastic, making them extremely sturdy and long lasting. Here is how to create your perfect mount:

  1. Pick a mount for your specific vehicle (make/model/year)
  2. Select a holder for your specific device (brand/model)

ProClip Device Holders

We offer standard and adjustable phone holders for both iPhone and Android devices. Our standard holders are custom fit to your device without a case, while the adjustable holders are designed to fit your phone with a case. We also provide the option to have a non-charging or charging holder.

ProClip Vehicle Mounts

Our vehicle mounts are made specifically for each vehicle make, model, and year. The mounts easily snap into the seams of your dashboard for a solid and secure fit. No drilling, sticky tape or professional installation is required. We have multiple mounting positions available in most vehicles.

It’s that simple! We make the process quick and easy so you can find your ProClip solution hassle-free!