Hands on Video Reviews of Apple iPhone XS Max

September 20, 2018 •

On Friday, September 21, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS went on sale in-stores. For those people that placed a pre-order, the devices also delivered the same day, unless you were too far behind in line. If you are lucky enough to be a major tech news outlet, or a talented YouTube creator, you already had the chance to check out Apple’s latest hardware. For the regular folks, we had to wait. There are plenty of reviews discussing the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS, but we rounded up four reviews to save you the time.

iPhone XS Max Reviews are in

Overall consensus of the iPhone XS is not really a consensus. There are some outlets touting it as a must-have upgrade, while others argue the device is the least upgraded year-over-year update in iPhone history. You will need to be the judge.

The iPhone XS Max is reported to have 4GB of onboard memory, up from 3GB iPhone X last year. The increase in memory will boost speed and performance, but is it enough to actually tell in an every day setting. Additionally, the batteries received minor upgrades, with the iPhone XS lasting about 30 minutes longer than the previous generation, and the iPhone XS Max outlasting the iPhone 8 Plus, possibly by more than an hour. Official results are never released and your mileage may vary.

The form factor is about 99% identical, from iPhone X to iPhone XS. The only noted difference is the camera bump. Cynics may argue the difference is only applied so people have to buy new accessories year over year. Keep that in mind if you are picking out cases, for either the iPhone X or iPhone XS. They look identical, but the camera cutouts should be different on those cases and may or may not fit the other model device.

The new gold color way, as hyped by iJustine below, is the easiest way to tell if someone is rocking the newest Apple handset, at least until the iPhone XR debuts next month. As she points out, the new gold color is unlike the blush or champagne gold previously release for earlier iPhones. This newest rendering looks more like a polished 14K gold color. This color processing is similar to the technology used on the Space Gray model, but tweaked slightly to achieve that exact color option.

Below is one of the first video camera tests of the newest iPhone XS. Capturing well lit, fast motion objects, as well as scenic sunsets, the video is an impressive testament to the camera system. However, if you are considering an upgrade from last year’s iPhone X, the backfacing cameras in the iPhone XS… are the same, which is verified by Apple’s own model comparison tool.

The only major camera difference is more of a software trick, using the iOS 12 Portrait Mode. If you’ve taken a photo in Portrait mode, you can manually adjust the background aperture rating, which can give you a blurred background, while keeping the subject in focus.

iPhone XS is available now, starting at $999 and the iPhone XS Max starts at $1099. You are most likely going to need to wait at least a few weeks for the backlogged pre-orders to completely ship, before your order will be fulfilled.