Get Updated on the Galaxy Note 9 Launch Event and Release Rumors

June 26, 2018 •

Note 9

Image via TechRadar

Are you ready for Samsung’s latest version of its Galaxy smartphone? Signs indicate that the Federal Communications Commission has already approved the Galaxy Note 9, according to a rumors report from TechRadar.

About Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9

Not only are consumers about to get a device upgrade from Samsung with the release of the Galaxy Note 9, the new smartphone will likely come with an updated version 2.0 of Bixby, the artificial intelligence assistant, as noted by a recent Engadget article.

Samsung’s A.I. research leader Gray G. Lee indicated that improvements to Bixby 2.0 will include quicker responses to user inquiries, even in noise-filled locations. Since consumers have choices in their A.I. helpers, such as from Apple and Amazon, an upgrade with Galaxy Note 9 helps make Samsung more competitive.

The Galaxy Note 9 is predicted to cost at least $929 and will likely be unveiled during an event on August 9, 2018. TechRadar pointed out that an August release date would be designed to get the company publicity before rival Apple debuts its latest iPhone model, assumed to be sometime in September. Keep in mind that Samsung made its previous phone announcement on August 23, 2017.

Experts anticipate that the new Galaxy Note 9 will include a larger screen size (unspecified) along with an upgraded S Pen stylus. It’s not clear whether the phone will have an in-screen sensor to detect users’ fingerprints, given that the launch date is fast approaching.

Further indications of an August release date include reports that Samsung tested the phone’s firmware two weeks earlier than it had during the lead up to releasing the Note 8 back in 2017. What’s more, TechRadar noted that insiders from supply chain companies have reported screen panels being built for Samsung two months earlier than they would normally. To stay abreast of such details, keep coming back to this blog for upcoming news about the Galaxy Note 9.

Protecting Your New Galaxy Note 9 as Well as Passengers and Yourself While Driving

If you’re among the early adopters who can’t wait to get their hands on the newest smartphone offerings, the Galaxy Note 9 can’t be released soon enough. And once you have an opportunity to use Samsung’s newest model, you’ll want to keep it securely fastened to the dashboard of your vehicle whenever you’re out and about. Many people find it beneficial to place their Android smartphone in a car dashboard mount, leaving their hands free for a safer driving experience for them and their passengers.