5 Essential Accessories for Your New Smartphone

January 2, 2018 •

New Smartphone

Whether you received a new smartphone during the holidays or bought one to reward yourself for all the hard work you did in 2017, why not make it more useful by adding some must-have accessories?

From giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your phone will never be without power, to enjoying listening to music with more freedom (without encumbering wires), here are five essential accessories for you to use with your brand new smartphone.

5 Essential Accessories for Your New Smartphone

1. Portable Charger

Being caught out with a depleted battery means you have to find a USB charger and something to plug it into, such as a wall outlet with an adaptor or the USB port on your computer. When no outlets are available, though, you will be glad you carry a portable charger that has enough battery power to give you several hours of talk and web browsing time.

2. Selfie Stick

If you want to take great self-portraits of yourself, friends and family as you spend time together, it is no good to just plunk your smartphone down and hope you are all smiling your best when the device takes a picture after the programmed countdown. Instead, use a selfie stick so you can get the perfect angle and take the picture exactly when you are making the expression you’d like to immortalize in a photo.

3. Sturdy Holder

Most people by now are aware of how dangerous it is to pick up a smartphone even just to look at it while you are behind the wheel of a vehicle. A sturdy ProClip holder keeps your device safely secured while you are driving. What’s more, it also helps keep you and your passengers safe because you will be keeping your eyes on the road and your hands firmly grasping the wheel.

4. Wireless Headphones

If your smartphone does not have a headphone jack and you do not want to resort to listening to music through the device’s built-in speakers, wireless headphones are an essential purchase. They are also better than conventional headphones because there is no issue with tangled wires. You pair the headphones with your device and then you can enjoy your favorite songs or watch a movie on your device without bothering people in your vicinity.

5. Camera Lenses

The standard lens in your smartphone’s built-in camera may be fine for taking ordinary shots, such as quick pictures that you snap of friends and family when out and about. To take higher quality pictures with your mobile device, consider investing in some camera lenses. They can give you wide-angle views of the scene (such as when you are out enjoying nature) or sharper images of distant objects when shot through a telescopic lens.

A new smartphone is easily customizable with accessories so it works best for the things you routinely do, whether taking photos, listening to music or driving from point A to point B as safely as possible.