Customer Reviews of ProClip Phone Mounts and Holders: January 2017

January 30, 2017 •

Customer Reviews of ProClip Phone Mounts and Holders: January 2017
Happy New Year! Can you believe the first month of 2017 is already over? Time flies at the ProClip headquarters, all thanks to our great customers for keeping us busy. As per usual, we like to share some of our favorite customer reviews and social media shoutouts with everyone. We always appreciate hearing from our customers, whether it’s good or bad! It keeps us motivated to keep improving and producing great products! If you aren’t familiar with ProClip USA mounting solutions, take some time to scroll through our customer shoutouts in January.

Customer Reviews and Social Shoutouts!

We love it when our fans provide recommendations on our behalf. We take pride in building the best car phone mounts on the market. Mark Philpot feels the same way.

Thanks, Mark! We love hearing from happy customers.

Colin kindly recommended us to a friend on Twitter.

A secure and safe fit for your device is what we are all about. Thanks, Colin, for the recommendation.

Do you have hands-free driving laws in your state? California recently passed a hands-free driving law that dictates that drivers cannot drive and use wireless communication devices for any reason unless the device is used in a hands-free mode or with a Bluetooth device. However, if the device is mounted, drivers are able to activate or deactivate a feature, so long as only one tap or swipe of the finger is required to do so.

A local news station in San Diego shared the new law, and Bruce was kind enough to recommend ProClip as a solution.

Thanks, Bruce! Driver safety is so important! A reliable car phone mount helps keep you safe while on the road.

Did you know ProClip phone holders are available in charging and non-charging options? Our charging option is great for long trips that require you to use your GPS navigation app on your phone. Paul agrees. He left us this kind review on Facebook.

With many states changing to hands-free driving laws, professionals who spend a lot of time behind the wheel can benefit from a phone mount. We have a few customers who agree.

We’re always happy to help. Thanks, Wayne for the shoutout.

Thanks, Jason! We agree ProClip is a great solution for Uber drivers!

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