Choose the Perfect Gift to Keep Dad Safe This Father’s Day Weekend

June 15, 2012 •

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday. Do you have plans for the weekend? While dad will appreciate that card you put in the mail, he would probably love to see you in person even more. Holiday traffic is always the worse, so if you’re traveling this weekend, make sure to stay safe on the road. While we can’t send you back to driver’s education class to remind you how important it is to stay focused with your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, utilizing some of our products can help you stay safe and attentive.

Road Trip Safety

Phone in Messy CupholderUtilizing a device holder and vehicle mount will make you less likely to be fumbling with your phone while you drive. If you’re taking a road trip, your car will likely be stocked with coffee, Red Bull, or whatever your favorite energy source. This being the case, you need somewhere else to set your phone besides the sticky, soda-stained cup holder. You may be thinking the dashboard is your fallback, but what good is your phone if it’s always sliding around and out of reach? Not to mention that it will probably end up wedged between the seat and center console during that turn you took a little too sharp. Then it’s really out of reach.

A vehicle mount makes sure your phone is always docked in your car and ready within arm’s reach in case you need to make a call or utilize your GPS (because you would never want to stop and ask for directions, right?). Since using your GPS eats at your battery, a charging holder is the perfect way to make sure once you reach dad’s house, your phone is charged and ready to snap some great family photos, surf the web once dad nods off for his afternoon nap, or play Angry Birds and Spin Art with your 5-year-old niece (who will undoubtedly put your skills to shame).

Get Dad a Gift Everyone Will Envy

Now that you’ve gotten dad a card and decided to pay him a visit, you may want to consider getting him a gift to show him how much you appreciate him putting up with you all these years. For those of you last minute shoppers just realizing you forgot to get dad a gift, don’t worry! We know dad is hard to buy for, but we have some ideas that will put everyone else’s gifts to shame. Keeping dad safe is just as important as keeping you safe on your trip to see him, so a holder and mount for his phone or GPS would be a sure crowd pleaser. Your mom might appreciate it even more than him, since she’s always worried about everyone in the family while they’re on the road. Besides, a cool gadget is way better than picking up some golf balls or giving him yet another boring tie.

3 Great Gift Ideas for Dad

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