CES 2019 Highlights: A Turbocharged Auto Show

January 9, 2019 •

CES 2019

CES 2019: A Turbocharged Auto Show?

CES has previously been named one of the best auto shows in the United States by USA Today. This year, CES hyped the auto portion of the show as a “turbocharged Detroit” showing off the latest and greatest advancements in vehicle technology. Here are a few of the highlights from this year’s show.

CES 2019

The Flying Taxi from Bell

Throughout time, we all knew the future would be here when flying cars arrived. Bell arrived at CES to announce that the future is here with their concept of an air taxi that could be here sooner than you think. The formally named Bell Nexus has the appearance of a cross between a helicopter and a drone. Bell boasts a top speed with passengers of 150 mph and a range of 150 miles. While the technology may be here sooner than expected, we’re not holding our breath quite yet. The regulations around autonomous flying taxis will likely be a headache that could tack years, and maybe decades, onto the eventual public release.

CES 2019

The BMW Experience

Staying true to the auto show experience, BMW offered a hands-on opportunity for CES 2019 attendees to learn about their line of vehicles. The experience included a ride-along in a new BMW X7 throughout a series of obstacles showing off the capabilities of their new crossover SUV. The highlight of the experience was test driving the BMW i8, their hybrid plug-in sports car. The i8 isn’t a new addition to the lineup, but it was well worth the wait to feel the power and acceleration with the future of BMW.

CES 2019

Byton’s Vision for the Future

Byton premiered their concept electric-vehicle, the M-Byte, at CES last year. The company now has their eyes on a United States release, with the concept at 85% production ready and an anticipated release of mid-2020. The M-Byte is a modern crossover SUV comparable in size to the BMW X5, but it is the interior of the concept that is turning heads at CES 2019. The concept is complete with five total screens, most noticeably the 49-inch primary display. Here at ProClip, we strive to prevent distracted driving with a safe and secure place for your phone, so we’re not sure how the M-Byte will fare with keeping drivers’ attention on the road.

CES 2019

The Rugged Jeep Gladiator

We previously outlined the exciting announcement from Jeep with their brand-new pickup truck, the Gladiator. The Gladiator was on display for CES attendees to get an up-close look at the newest off-roading champion. Pricing for the Gladiator still isn’t available, but we’re excited to see them hit the roads (and trails) across the country.

CES 2019

Is that a Yacht?

Perhaps the company making the biggest waves at CES 2019 was Furrion Designs. Known for a wide variety of products ranging from kitchen appliances to stereos and sound bars, Furrion is taking to the seas with their luxury yacht called Adonis that was towering over the rest of the displays in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Compared to other yachts, Adonis is relatively small at 78-feet. The yacht features the best of Furrion’s diverse product line, capped off with an artificial-intelligence known as Angel.

While the overall auto portion of CES 2019 was certainly turbocharged, Detroit probably doesn’t have to worry quite yet about being overtaken as the king of auto shows. Stay tuned throughout the week for more coverage of CES 2019 and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a close-up look at our favorite tech.