What to Expect at CES 2018

November 22, 2017 •

CES 2018

As the end of 2017 approaches, we’re taking a quick look forward to one of our favorite events of early 2018, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). CES takes place annually in Las Vegas and is one of the biggest electronic and tech trade shows in the world. This year the show takes place January 9-12.

We’ve been going to CES for over ten years! If you’ll be at CES 2018, be sure to visit us at booth #32016 located in the South Hall. Please note this is different than our location in 2017.

As longtime CES attendees, we’ve been keeping tabs on all the interesting rumors and information surrounding the upcoming show. Below is a rundown of what you can expect at CES 2018.

What to Expect at CES 2018

One of the most intriguing bits of news from CES 2018 is that, for the first time ever, Google will be organizing its own booth at a CES event. This is a heavy indication that the Silicon Valley giant will be showcasing new hardware of its own. However, exactly what is yet to be determined.

Cars and virtual reality have dominated the CES show in recent years, and this trend looks set to continue. One of the headliners will be Innoviz Technologies, an innovator in the field of LiDAR sensing arrays. Their InnovizPro™ is an honoree of the prestigious CES 2018 Innovation Award in the Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology category. Innoviz Technologies’ LiDAR system delivers the most accurate and farthest reaching sensing capabilities for self-driving vehicles of all types.

Also attending as a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree is Peraso Technologies Inc., a semiconductor company trailblazing new Wireless Gigabit chipsets. This enables a faster and truly immersive virtual experience rendering in both AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) without the common mess of wires. While we’re on the topic of VR, TwoEyes Tech, Inc. will also be attending CES 2018 as an Innovation Awards Honoree for their 360 degree, 3D VR camera.

These are just a few of the interesting attendees we’ve heard about so far. As the show gets closer, be sure to keep an eye out for more innovative technologies being featured at CES 2018.

ProClip USA at CES 2018

This year we will be showcasing our high-quality mobile mounting solutions. This includes our top-selling custom and adjustable phone holders for all the newest devices, including the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and the Galaxy Note8. To go along with our holders, we will also be featuring our custom mounting bases. ProClip mounts are made to fit a vehicle’s specific make, model and year. Our tablet headrest mounts will also be on display, which are perfect for backseat entertainment.

We will also be showcasing our great selection of custom mounting solutions for businesses, which help improve worker safety and productivity. ProClip serves a wide range of industries, including fleet management, aviation, healthcare, retail and more.

We’re counting down the days to CES 2018! If you’ll be attending the show, stop by booth #32016 in South Hall to take a look at our mobile mounting solutions and to say, “Hi” to the ProClip USA team! If you’re unable to attend, stay tuned to our social media channels to get an inside look at CES 2018.

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