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Imagining a Full Screen iPhone 8

March 10, 2017 •

Rumors continue to mount at a dizzying pace for the upcoming 2017 iPhone. The newest flagship device is going by “iPhone 8,” “iPhone X,” or “the 10th anniversary iPhone,” but most commonly the iPhone 8. All of the excitement is not only caused by the device being a decade celebration of Apple’s revolution for the mobile industry, but also the expectations for revolutionary, instead of evolutionary, change in features and form factor. iPhone 8 may be the first Apple handset to have a completely edge-to-edge screen and the mock ups are beautiful.   Read More ››

Red iPhone 7 Launches with Updated iPad Pros

Red iPhone 7 Launches with Updated iPad Pros

March 9, 2017 •

Japanese blog site Mac Otakara (via MacRumors) adds claims to upcoming iPad launches as well as a new red colorway for iPhone. During a predicted March Apple media keynote event, the site claims upgrades to each iPad device, starting with iPad mini. The smaller device may receive minor spec bumps to continue offering a lower price point, but the iPad Pro devices are anticipated to get the more superior attention, as well as a new 10.5″ size, with an iPad Air 2 footprint.   Read More ››

WSJ: iPhone 8 with Curved OLED and USB-C Charging Cable

iPhone 8

March 8, 2017 •

Many rumors regarding the iPhone 8 are mounting in the blogosphere. Everything from wireless charging to 3D facial recognition, are being touted as the next great features of the upcoming Apple handset. While these rumors are being pushed by some less-known webpages, reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has heavily influenced the direction of these claims. Often-correct, Kuo is a leading name in the Apple rumor mill. However, until a formal news outlet confirms any Apple rumors, it is hard to determine exactly what to expect. With the Wall Street Journal now stepping into the mix, rumored details of the iPhone 8 are difficult to ignore.   Read More ››

iPhone 8 to Include Larger Display with Virtual Buttons

iPhone 8 to Include Larger Display with Virtual Buttons

February 21, 2017 •

As far back as May 2016, rumors about an edge-to-edge display claim a new iPhone will ditch the bezels and provide a truly immersive full-screen experience. When iPhone 7 lacked these features, as it retained the same two-year-old form factor as iPhone 6, analysts have been rushing to determine credence to the display claims. With Apple rumors, there is often smoke that eventually proves the fire.   Read More ››