Apple Announces November 10 “One more thing” Event

Apple sent media invitations for their "One more thing" event, to be held on Tuesady, November 10. New Apple silicon Macs are expected.

On Tuesday, November 10, Apple will stream a third media event this fall season. Typically, these events would be held on Apple’s Cupertino, CA campus in the Steve Jobs Theater. Recent pandemic restrictions forced Apple’s marketing team to shift, offering pre-recorded events over the course of September, October, and November. The event invitation features the phrase “one more thing,” which sets high expectations by recalling the famous words of the late Steve Jobs.

“One more thing” Apple event

The “one more thing” phrase is used sparingly across the history of Apple events. The phrase has introduced such iconic items as:

  • the modern MacBook Pro lineup
  • Apple TV
  • FaceTime
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Music
  • iPhone X and the current generation of iPhone devices

According to MacWorld, the list is varied, but only used for major updates. That really escalates what to expect from the forthcoming event. Many are pointing toward new Macs, whether that is desktop or laptop class, it is only a guess.

Apple silicon Macs

Earlier this year, Apple mentioned it will be switching the entire Mac lineup to their own, in-house created Apple silicon chipsets. This means Apple’s reliance on third party silicon chips is ending, giving them much greater control on both the hardware and software performance in their machines. Not much is known about which devices may get the first batch of Apple silicon. Speculation currently surrounds the MacBook Air as the first Mac to receive the upgrade because it is considered the entry level hardware.

Mockups of an iPad Pro design language iMac, seen above by MacRumors, floated around the rumor mill earlier this year. With the push for new Macs, a completely redesigned iMac is expected soon, as the current design was launched in 2012.

Apple branded headphones

Others, like Jon Prosser, continue to point at new Apple headphones. Apple never pushed over the ear headphones to market, unless considering the ownership of Beats by Dre. It is suspected that Apple will, for the first time, enter the product category with a studio-grade offering. Expect the device to have industry leading sound and integrations with iOS and macOS to ensure quick pairing with other Apple devices. This technology is already present in the recent AirPods Pro.

2. As I mentioned a couple days ago — AirPods Studio mass production isn’t completed until 10/20 — which leaves them with a few options. (Screenshot below).

It has now been confirmed to me from 3 sources that AirPods Studio will NOT be in the event.

— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) October 9, 2020

Apple GPS-based tracking tags

Rumors continue through 2020, surrounding a yet-to-be-released GPS device. The device is expected to be about the size of a fifty-cent piece and help users track their belongings using GPS and a shared mesh-network of other iOS devices. The idea being, you lose the puck and are able to track the location by the Apple device network pinging the cloud to show you where the puck is located. Just think about losing the puck in a public park. All of the other iPhones in the park would triangulate the puck location, in a software action that is unknown to the other iPhone users. You can then see the puck on an interactive map.

The “one more thing” event will be streamed on Apple’s website and YouTube, at 10:00AM Pacific Time, Tuesday, November 10.