Alexa, What are the Newest Smart Devices from Amazon?

Amazon has recently announced a suite of new products and upgrades. Here are some of the newest smart devices Amazon is offering.

Amazon has recently announced a suite of new products and upgrades that appeal to techies, gamers, kids and more. Here are some of the newest smart devices Amazon is offering.

Echo Show 10

An entirely new smart display, the Echo Show 10 ($250) has Sidewalk and Zigbee hubs. The smart interface really shows its stuff when you start walking (or jumping) around. The display will follow your movements, pivoting as you go about the room.

Echo 4th Generation

The 4th Generation Echo ($100, available October 22) features a spherical shape for all-around sound, and it’s able to adapt output to suit the acoustics of a particular room. The device pairs especially well with Alexa, as it also has neural network technology that’s like caffeine for Alexa’s efficiency. For convenient, beautiful sound, this is Amazon’s best speaker.

Echo Dot 4th Generation

A lot like the spherical version of Echo, the Echo Dot ($50) now has a stylish fabric cover and a higher-quality speaker. With the Echo’s capabilities at half the price, the 4th Generation Echo Dot has a lot going for it — especially if you’re tired of the 3rd Generation’s lesser audio.

Echo Dot Kids Edition

Another spherical speaker, the Echo Dot Kids Edition ($60) brings a fun cover, Sidekick for reading books and different voice profiles. Just look at the cute face, and how could you refuse? It’s adorable, and a lot easier to maintain than a puppy.

Ring Car Features

Amazon’s Ring brand released three new products for drivers. Ring Car Cam ($200) and Connect ($200) both document what happens at traffic stops, accidents and other incidents on the road. The latter is Tesla-specific, but the former will work on many different cars.

Ring’s Car Alarm ($60) monitors a vehicle fro break-ins, tows and bumps, using the car’s onboard computers to identify potential acts of theft, break-in or vandalism.

Ring Always Home Cam

The Ring Always Home Cam ($250, available soon) is an autonomous camera that’ll fly around your house on a route that you program. Use it to see what’s going on when you aren’t around, and activate motion sensors to make it appear as if someone is home.

Make Your Home Smart with Amazon

Amazon has established itself as a leader in smart technology, and these features continue to impress in their capabilities. Upgrade your home’s smart features this fall, and make your house safer and more convenient.