Best Car Gadgets for Dad

October 3, 2014 •

Whether it’s his birthday, anniversary, retirement or another special occasion, shopping for a gift for dad can be hard – not only has he taught you everything, but he has everything! But, one thing is for sure when it comes to dads, they are big on efficiency and safety. That’s why we took the guessing game out of what to get dad next time the occasion arises. Here are our top 5 car gadgets for dad that will help him…well, be dad!

1. ProClip Car Mount

Of course a ProClip car mount! And, for good reason. Dad can rest assured that instead of fumbling for his phone, he will get to his destination hassle-free when using a ProClip car mount. Our tilt-swivel feature makes turning your phone horizontal for a better view of your GPS navigator convenient and easy. Our charging mounts make sure that dad’s phone, gps or tablet won’t die before he gets to his destination. Dad will appreciate the solid construction of a ProClip mount, which is made in Sweden of high grade ABS plastic. Because our mounts and holders are custom to both the vehicle and device, he will know you didn’t buy his gift off the rack – that instead, you put a lot of thought into it! 



If dad has little ones or grandchildren, check out our locking tablet Headrest Mounts, which are great on family vacations or just trips around town.



2. Portable Battery Jump Starter with Power Source and Air Compressor

With many brands available, a portable battery jump starter and air compressor will maintain dad’s hero status among his family and friends. These portable gadgets can fit in his truck and offer roadside assistance when he (or you) needs it most. It’s portable status requires no need for another vehicle, and some brands even feature an alarm that will sound if the clamps aren’t attached properly. Flat tire? No problem, these dependable gadgets have a built in air compressors, so they can fix that too!


3. Fog Lights

We want dad to be safe, and installing fog lights on a vehicle can greatly improve a driver’s visibility during inclement weather, such as rain or fog.  When shopping for fog lights, keep in mind that there are many options available from bulb to mount. First, consider the type of bulb: LED, HID or halogen. Also keep in mind the color – most fog lights come in clear or yellow. However, colored lights might not be legal in your area. Another option to consider is the style of mount you’d like to install on the vehicle: bumper, grille or rack. Research installation options if vehicle customization is needed. There are DIY tutorials out there. However, sometimes it’s best to leave it up to a professional.

fog lights

4. Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter

We mentioned the Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter in a previous post, but we thought it was great enough to mention again. A Bluetooth OBD2 adapter makes checking vehicle on board diagnostics and other engine data possible with apps such as Torque Pro and OBD Fusion for Android and iPhone. Dad can see how well his (or your) car is performing in the way of horsepower and torque, but also other important factors like fuel economy.


5. Viper SmartStart App (available for iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry)

The Viper SmartStart cloud-connected app allows dad to operate functions of his car with the touch of a smartphone button, with virtually unlimited range! All in a free, downloadable app! Features include:

  • lock/arm
  • unlock/disarm
  • remote start
  • trunk release
  • panic
  • aux channels
  • control multiple vehicles
  • track car location via GPS
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • and more!

If dad’s vehicle isn’t compatible with the Viper SmartStart system, you can purchase a SmartStart Module in most locations. The three modules available for purchase are: SmartStart, SmartStartGPS (allows you to track your car almost anywhere – find your car in a parking lot or even set a speed limit alert) and the Viper SmartStart Bluetooth module.