Apple Watch Establishes Dominance in Wearable Marketplace

September 10, 2014 •

Apple Watch Sport Edition

Apple made a statement on Tuesday, September 9, announcing the Apple Watch. The newest line of products to come out of Cupertino, Apple Watch takes technology to a new level and location, your wrist. Quite simply, Apple Watch is a computer in a singular capsule. With the ability to not only tell time and show appointment notifications, Apple Watch is also a fitness enhancement device. Apple has re-invented the wearable device with its new category.

As Apple outlines, “our goal has always been to make powerful technology more accessible. More relevant. And ultimately more personal. Apple Watch represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology. It’s the most personal product we’ve ever made.”

At the basic level, there are three different styles of Apple Watch. The name sake device “Apple Watch” and additionally, the Sport and Edition lines. Material and build grade separate the three with Apple Watch utilizing a stainless steel case and Sapphire crystal. Sport comes in anodized aluminum, matching all current Apple products and a strengthened Ion-X glass crystal. Edition is the luxury model with 18ky or 18kr gold versions and the same Sapphire crystal as the Apple Watch.

Other trademark features include the Digital Crown and contacts button. Digital Crown is truly the input driver for the device, with the ability to scroll, zoom, and select on screen items; the crown is akin to traditional watches, but does much more than set the hands. The contacts button, found just below the Digital Crown, is a quick shortcut to contacts with whom you communicate most. With a simple tap, Apple Watch displays contact images and prompts you to either begin a message or initiate a call.

Other than standard push notifications, Apple Watch provides a more personal communication tool. Offering users the ability to draw simple colored pictures or pass a tap vibration, Apple Watch provides a more customized communication option than simple emoji or text based messaging. In fact, with the power of iOS 8, simply dictate a short reply to your contact and she will receive the audio track, instead of needing to have the transcription.

Apple Watch Communication

When it comes to health and fitness, Apple Watch can track daily activity from moving, to exercising, to standing. Tracking steps, stairs, active heart beat and resting information, Apple Watch will become the center of user’s health and fitness tracking. Although not the center of alleged functionality, fitness tracking will be very key to the Apple Watch’s intrigue for many users. Pairing with HealthKit and the health app on iOS 8, Apple Watch will drive information into a user’s iPhone and a complete fitness daily log can be monitored.

The final highlight is Apple Watch’s ability to harness mobile payment technology. Without directly confirming, Apple hinted the watch will include NFC technology, which was strongly rumored close to the announcement date. Using a new system dubbed “Apple Pay,” the watch becomes a one tap payment solution for tap-to-pay systems around the United States. Teaming with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, Apple Watch will be able to instantly pay at point of sale, never needing to dig for iPhone or a wallet full of cards.

Apple Watch Activity

The Apple Watch released to much fan fair and even Tim Cook could not stop smiling as he presented the device’s introduction. Apple Watch is the culmination of several years of R&D, providing in a completely stand alone device that will certainly provide challenges for competing devices. The wearable device launched today by Apple is definitively more advanced than any current or recent smart watch technology on the market.

As the launch date is tailored in early spring 2015, check back frequently, as we intend to highlight specific features of the device in short posts on the blog. In a related conversation, make sure to sign up for your chance to win and iPhone 6 from ProClip USA and sign up to be the first notified when our new iPhone 6 mounts are available.