Apple Watch Apps to Improve Your Next Business Trip

February 13, 2016 •

Apple Watch Apps to Make Your Next Business Trip go Smoother
Have you gone on your first business trip of 2016 yet? Whether you frequently travel on behalf of your company or only make occasional forays out in the field, you’ll want to take advantage of readily available technology and software to get the most out of each trip.

Many people are finding Apple Watch to be a great addition to their business travel must-have items. With that in mind, here are details on Apple Watch apps that will make your next business trip go more smoothly.

Find Near Me

Find Near Me Apple Watch App











Use Find Near Me when traveling in an unfamiliar area to quickly locate nearby businesses according to categories. For example, you can find the nearest ATM or a gas station based on GPS information sent from your iPhone to the Apple Watch while on the go.

App in the Air

Air Apple App











This personal flying assistant gives you real time status reports about your flight and tips for navigating a particular airport. Even when offline, the app will send you flight updates or gate changes via SMS message.


Currency Apple Watch App











How much is that item in American dollars? When you’re in a foreign country, the Currency app will help you to track and convert prices based on your preferred currencies. The app includes more than 150 different currencies, so you should be covered on your next trip.


PCalc Apple Watch App











Pcalc puts a full-fledged calculator on your watch, which is perfect when you need to make a quick calculation and don’t want to bother looking for a real calculator or opening your smartphone. All you have to do is just type in the digits.

Just Press Record

Just Press Release Apple Watch App











You’ll find it beneficial to use the Just Press Record app to efficiently make audio recordings, such as a business memo you compose while walking to your next meeting.

Facts About Apple Watch

Busy travelers may not have much time to learn about Apple Watch. Here are some facts about the device to keep in mind:

  • As many as 18 hours of life per charge
  • Retina display includes new Force Touch feature
  • Built-in gyroscope, accelerometer and heart rate sensor
  • Connect via Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi
  • Resists water (such as while walking in the rain or washing hands)

Wherever your next business trip takes you, wearing an Apple Watch loaded with these useful apps should help you work more efficiently as well as make the endeavor much more rewarding.