Apple Introduces New Social App, Clips

April 4, 2017 •

Clips App

When Apple unveiled the new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7, the Cupertino company also quietly announced a new social engagement app, dubbed Clips. According to Apple, Clips is “a new iOS app for making and sharing fun videos with text, effects, graphics, and more.” If you are wondering how this is different than Snapchat, read on.

Apple’s Clips App

Taking a stab at social engagement, the new Clips app is a way to easily create content for sharing directly through iOS or linking into other social media services. Clips, however, is not Apple’s first jump into social connectivity. Many have forgotten the iTunes embedded Ping social network that launched in 2010. The failing service was intended to connect artists and fans through the company’s music application. Apple currently uses Connect, a social integration with Apple Music, to surface information from artist, again directed toward listeners. With limited reception, it certainly is not a feature one hears much about.

Enter Clips.

Clips App

Clips is not really a social network, rather a way to create content for social networks or your Contacts. Therefore, Apple is keeping an arm’s distance from attempting another social media experience and, instead, is offering a simple platform for creation, which is arguably more in Apple’s realm of expertise.

A popup site on the Apple directory includes only a few teasers about the apps capability. Clips is used to “capture a moment,” and add content. You can record directly from the app or pull content from your library.

Clips App

Clips will also add “Live Titles” to your video. This is a form of automatic closed captioning. The feature is perfect for the hearing impaired or watching a video on the run without sound. Imagine being in a public space and wanting to watch a video, but you do not want to turn on the sound. If the video was created in Clips, you are set.

Apple encourages you to “Jazz things up,” by choosing filters, emoji, and overlays, like speech bubbles. The app can also adjust a soundtrack to the length of the video.

Most importantly, sharing the new content. If you utilize Photos to label your contact faces, Clips can automatically detect your contacts. A little creepy, but useful(?) Clips will suggest sharing the content with the contacts included in your video or media. Also, you can post to the following platforms: Instagram; Facebook; YouTube; and Vimeo.

Clips is listed as “coming soon,” but should be available in the April time frame.