Apple Accidentally Leaks iPhone XS and Apple Watch Images

September 5, 2018 •

iPhone XS

It is rumor season as we approach the official September 12th Apple media event. With the event only one week away, the rumor mill is typically in a fevered pitch of questions and speculations. However, this year is completely different. Apple accidentally leaked its own upcoming products via a test video stream, which was accessed by a curious developer. In an exclusive via 9to5mac, the images of the upcoming iPhone XS 5.8″, iPhone XS 6.5″ and Apple Watch were released to the public.

These leaks are incredibly unlikely from Apple, unprecedented. In an era where CEO Tim Cook has publicly sworn to tighten the security of leakers in the supply chain, the internal HQ Curpertino crew has allowed these product leaks. While this images will not take the full excitement from the event, it will certainly dampen some of the normal Apple showmanship.

iPhone XS

From the image we can surmise there is definitively an iPhone XS upgrade device and iPhone XS ‘plus,’ which is clearly larger than the current iPhone X. As a side, 9to5mac, also claims iPhone XS is the official naming moniker and both devices, 5.8″ and 6.5″ models, will go by the same name. Again, the sizes are technically not confirmed, but it is clear there is a smaller and larger version.

Also, the gold colorway is a confirmed piece of this leak. It will most likely round out the existing Space Gray and Silver options. It is still unknown if the gold option will have a matching gold or black back.

Apple is expected to take pre-orders next Friday, September 14, following the media event on Wednesday, just a couple of days before. Consequently, the device will be available in stores and for delivery on Friday, September 21. These dates align with previous iPhone launches. Most likely, the forthcoming Apple Watch will follow the same launch pattern.

Apple Watch Series 4

The official Apple imagery confirms the upcoming Apple Watch, assumedly dubbed the “Series 4,” will include a larger display. The size of the device is alleged to remain the same height and width, but a new screen may allow the display of information closer to the edge. The device may be slightly thinner this year, having received a bulkier depth for the Series 3.

Notable differences in the Series 4 image and the current Series 3 include new watch face complications, a recessed dock/Siri button, a new side mic(?) opening, and a red ring (instead of a dot) on the Digital Crown, which also appears slightly smaller.

It is possible the new face is limited to the roomier Series 4 screen, in an effort to encourage current Apple Watch owners to upgrade. Some speculation includes the watch also having an always-on screen.

It was whispered, the device may receive a complete design overhaul, considering the device is now 5 generations old. However, the leaked image confirms, it will be essentially the same size and keep the rectangular face.


There have been no real confirmed iPad rumors of note. The device, if it is even updated on September 12, is expected to eventually receive the edge-to-edge screen treatment to match the iPhone X and iPhone XS. If this is true, look for iPad to also lose the Home button, in favor of Face ID.

Apple Media Event

The Apple media event will be officially held on Wednesday, September 12 at Steve Jobs Theater on the new Apple Park “spaceship” campus. Streaming for the event will begin at 10:00AM PDT and can be accessed via the official Apple Media Event app on Apple TV and a live web stream as well. It is possible the company will live stream the event via Twitter for the first time, but these rumors are currently unsubstantiated.