Android is Developing Split Screen Multi-Tasking for Phones

December 28, 2015 •

Android Developing Split Screen Feature for Phones
(Image via TechRadar)

Google began discussing its new split screen multi-tasking technology in early 2015, and consumers may see it hitting their devices with the next Android OS update. The Director for Consumer Hardware stated in an interview that split screen is presently in the works, though it’s not been confirmed which device it will be seen on and when. The next Android update is intended to be released in 2016, and will come with some new, never before seen features.

Complications With Split Screen Technology

Split screen technology has been held back by two major issues: processing power and screen size. Most screens on smartphones and other devices have been too small to fully take advantage of a side-by-side split screen mechanism, so both Android and iOS platforms have instead focused on making it easier for users to switch between apps quickly. Processing power has also been a factor, as the device needs to render multiple apps at the same time.

The Advantages of Split Screen Technology

Nevertheless, there are advantages to split screen technology that make it worthwhile. Users with split screen devices will be able to read documents while viewing video, or will be able to compare multiple documents at one time. They can browse the web while also chatting with friends, or watch their music stations while completing their work — essentially giving themselves the functionality of two devices at once.

It’s known that Google is attempting to bring split screen technology to their devices shortly. It would make sense for the feature to be released alongside the next Android OS update, which up until now has been fairly light on details and features. We can’t be completely sure if the next update will be Android 6.1 or Android N, but there is a good chance this new feature will be accompanying it.