Android Apps for Work and Business

July 22, 2015 •


As more and more work is being done on mobile devices, like your Android phone or tablet, many of us need solutions that work seamlessly with our professional and personal lives. Below are three Android apps that will help you get work done, whether it be for business or pleasure!


From time to time, you may find yourself in need of a printer while working on your Android device. The PrinterShare app from Mobile Dynamix is the perfect app to fix this conundrum of how to print documents on the go from your smartphone. PrinterShare is is gaining popularity because it works exactly as advertised. Print from your phone or tablet to any printer that is connected via Google Cloud.

When installing the app, we suggest skipping right to premium version for just $4.99. Use the PrinterShare app to print nearly every kind of document you can imagine, including emails, photos, PDF’s and Microsoft Word and Excel documents from the new Office for Android app! It also works with WiFi and Bluetooth. It’s a keeper folks!



Business is happening everywhere today! From the local coffee shop to the airport terminal, you never know when you will need to jump in on a conference call. The GoToMeeting app for Android makes it easy to never miss a meeting – unless you want to of course! Receive alerts for upcoming meetings or schedule new ones. View shared presentations and reports. Even join from your Android Wear smartwatch! The download is free in the Google Play Store.



Does your company use Slack for internal communication? Why not see what’s going on with all your projects and team members right from your phone! Slack is an all-in-one communications tool for business that allows file sharing, real-time messaging and integrates with dozens of tools you already use, including: Dropbox, Google+ Hangouts and Twitter. If you are a Slacker already, you definitely cannot be without this free Android app.