Harnessing AI and VR Capability on iPhone and Android Devices Thanks to New Apps From Google

December 16, 2017 •


Image via Forbes

In the past, you were lucky if your mobile device could access Wi-Fi when the cellular data network was down. Touch-sensitive displays were the stuff of science fiction, with end users relying on flip-phones that had built-in keyboards. There was no social media access because the technology was simply too crude.

Each new generation of smartphones promises to deliver a range of amazing capabilities to users of Android and iOS devices. A groundswell has been building up in two new areas of software and computer technology, enabling people to take advantage of innovations in artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Google is a major player in this space, of course, with its Android operating system running on so many devices and Google apps being made available to users of Apple’s iPhones.

AI and VR in Your Mobile Phone or Tablet

Artificial intelligence has to do with deep machine learning and relies on advanced computer and software, as well as on robots that can move through the world and learn more about it. Virtual reality relies on heavy number crunching too, in order to build computer-generated worlds on the fly.

For example, the new Storyboard app from Google (Android only for now) lets you take a video clip and then apply artificial intelligence to it to generate a storyboard that looks like pages in a comic book. According to Boy Genius Report, if you don’t like the first storyboard it produces, you simply trash it and start over to create a new one.

Forbes points out that another new Google app for Android and iOS, “Selfissimo!” lets you set up a photo session with a digital “photographer” that presents you with words of encouragement. You can envision future versions of an app like this to provide deeper analysis of people it detects in a scene to say something like “turn your head to the left” to avoid a bad pose before snapping a picture.

Google’s new Scrubbies app (now only for iOS) actually provides suggestions about what it thinks the most interesting clips in your videos should be highlighted.

You don’t always need to touch your mobile device when experimenting with apps for photos, videos and virtual reality or artificial intelligence features. When using your iPhone or Android device to run VR or AI apps, you can save wear and tear on your hands by placing the smartphone in a strong and sturdy ProClip desk mount, suitable for use at work, school or home.