AI Grows Stronger In Your Phone

January 4, 2018 •


Image via Rappler

Interest in artificial intelligence is growing in leaps and bounds and is definitely no longer confined to computer science laboratories. These days, more people than ever before are starting to experience artificial intelligence thanks to their smartphones.

What is Powering the AI Revolution in Your Smartphone?

It is almost a requirement to carry a smartphone these days, and the stronger the processing power in the device, the more tasks you can take care of at the same time (such as listening to music while you check your email or browse the web).

Each generation of smartphones uses newly developed chips that fit in increasingly smaller circuit boards. Your phone might be lighter, but it is heavier in terms of its computational ability.

AI in Your Smartphone

The AI core of the chipset in your phone can actually teach the main processor how to focus on the tasks you tend to use the most, noted a report from Rappler. This means your phone will only get better with use because of AI. What’s more, you also should expect to see a boost in battery life because its functioning will be optimized by the AI.

Or consider what it is like to have an artificial intelligence “looking over your shoulder,” so to speak. The Verge reported on an AI tool now being developed by Google researchers that can detect if someone is looking over your shoulder, trying to snoop what is on your screen.

This “e-screen protector” works by taking images from the front camera on your mobile device and applying facial processing algorithms to detect whenever someone is looking at your display. AI processing allows researchers to identify the faces of a busybody looking at another person’s smartphone screen even under a range of lighting conditions. Google programmers have not indicated when this new AI feature might be available on Android devices, since it is still in the early stages of development.

However, it is safe to say artificial intelligence will continue to advance in capability on our smartphones, so becoming more familiar with AI now will help you take advantage of this trend in computing.