4 Android Apps for Holiday Shopping

December 18, 2014 •


Still have some presents to buy this year? Survive your last-minute holiday shopping with these four Android apps. We have not yet found an app that will save you a parking space or locate the shortest checkout line, but there are apps for almost everything else. From getting the best price on a gift to keeping your kids entertained in the back seat, these apps are sure to help make your last-minute trip to the mall less stressful and more fun.


ShopSavvy brings modern day deal hunting into brick-and-mortar stores. Simply scan a product’s barcode, and ShopSavvy will search its database for the latest prices from other retailers, including both ecommerce sites and other physical stores. With this app, you no longer need to wonder whether the special in-store sale you come across is actually special. ShopSavvy will tell you.



Christmas Gift List

An all-in-one gift list manager, Christmas Gift List will help you keep track of which presents you have bought and remain within your budget. In addition to monitoring your overall spending, it will also create a budget for each person on your list. All your lists are password protected, ensuring any snoopers will still be surprised when they unwrap their presents.


SonaFM Holiday Radio

Entirely supported by listeners, SonaFM Holiday Radio is a commercial free streaming of the SonaFM family of stations. There are three stations to select from: a family-friendly station of classic holiday tunes, a rock ‘n roll station and a collection of offbeat, often explicit holiday songs. All three stations are available in both a high and low bandwidth.


Christmas Countdown Free

Despite its name, Christmas Countdown Free is not just a Christmas-countdown app. It also counts down to New Years and has several generic holiday graphics, making it a great app for families who do not celebrate Christmas (as well as those that do). All of the graphics are outlines of winter-themed objects (e.g. a Christmas tree, a star, a snowman) in neon lights.


With these four apps loaded onto your Android device, you will be ready to brave the crowds and hit the stores. Find great deals with ShopSavvy, and stay within your budget with Christmas Gift List. SonaFM Holiday Radio and Christmas Countdown Free will help keep you and your kids entertained while out in the stores.