3 Fantasy Football Apps You Need for a Great Game Day

November 5, 2015 •

Top 3 Fantasy Football Apps and Phone and Tablet Mounts
Fall means football. Which, for many of us means fantasy football. It takes time to draft that perfect team and when Sunday rolls around (or Monday or Thursday), it’s crucial to your game day sanity to be diligent and keep track of all your players. A great way to accomplish that is by using fantasy football apps to keep track of all the games. We’ve picked out our favorite three fantasy football apps.

1. ESPN Fantasy Football
The great thing about this app is that it offers up-to-date football news. You can set it up to send alerts about your players, so you’ll know right away if your running back made a touch down or if your quarterback is hurt. The ESPN app also notifies fantasy football enthusiasts on other things, such as trades and scores. Plus, when you’re trying to manage a roster, this app will help you keep tabs on all your players. It’s free to download and available on Android and Apple devices.
ESP Fantasy Football App
2. Yahoo Fantasy Football
The Yahoo Fantasy Football app offers a truly comprehensive fantasy sports platform. This app allows you to make trades with other fantasy football teams, set up drafts and mock drafts, check score updates and follow sports news to help you stay on top of what the experts are saying. Another great aspect of the Yahoo Fantasy Football app is that it includes other fantasy leagues, so if you enjoy more than just football, this is the app for you. It’s free to download and available on Android and Apple devices.
Yahoo Fantasy Football App
3. Rotowire Fantasy News Center
When you’re managing a team, it’s crucial to your season success to have access to as much knowledge as possible. This app can help you keep tabs on everything. This app offers the latest NFL news and allows you to search for your favorite players. If you are serious about your fantasy football, you might want to consider the paid version, Rotowire Fantasy Football Draft Kit. The paid version will allow you to get notifications on all your players, create projections and rankings, run mock drafts and of course, have access to the latest new and analysis. The free version is available for Apple and Android devices. The paid version is available for Apple devices for $4.99.
Rotowire Fantasy Football App

Creating the Best Fantasy Football Experience with Phone and Tablet Stands

Do you like to have your favorite team’s game up on the big screen, while also streaming the NFL RedZone on your tablet, while checking your apps on your phone for updates? Having your devices thrown about your living room can make keeping tabs on all your players more work than it should be. After all, watching football should be about relaxing on the couch with a cold beer and some snacks.

Serious football fantasy fanatics take note. If you’re looking for a way to create the perfect game day experience, we’ve got you covered. Stop trying to prop up your phone or tablet on your plate of nachos when you could be sitting at the helm of the perfect FFL command center.

It’s important to keep your phone propped up and viewable during the game. Our ProClip Desk Stand is the perfect solution for keeping your device within easy reach. Simply use the stand with your ProClip USA custom phone holder and you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your it again!
desk phone mounts and tablet mounts for fantasy football
Need a bigger reason to justify buying the stand outside of a sweet game day set-up? You can check out the other uses for a tabletop stand in this video.

Along with keeping your phone within reach, you’ve got to have your tablet up and running for game day. Our ProClip Multistand will keep your iPad right where you need it. It can be adjusted to various angles and it’s also great to use in the kitchen, garage or at work!

Powered by iOmountsBesides our custom device mounting solutions, we also offer universal, magnetic options for phones and tablets. Keep your phone in plain view with the iOmini, while having your tablet propped up next to it with our iOStand. These stands are sturdy and allow you to rotate your device in any direction for perfect viewing.
iOMounts for phone and tablet