The ProClip USA Story

December 2, 2020 •

The ProClip USA Story

With superior manufacturing processes creating high-quality products in less time and a strong culture of community and teamwork, ProClip USA is working to improve the way people mount their devices in cars, fleets of trucks, and in their workplaces. ProClip USA strives to provide customers with the same level of quality that they expect from the vehicles and mobile devices they are using. This is the ProClip USA story.

Where are ProClip Mounts Made?

ProClip products are manufactured in Karlsborg, Sweden by Brodit AB, a company that was established in 1983 to provide communication device mounting solutions for in-vehicle use. ProClip USA CEO, Bjorn Spilling started ProClip USA after moving from Norway to the United States in the 1990s. ProClip USA is the exclusive importer and distributor of ProClip device mounting solutions for all of North America and South America, and is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

Superior Quality, Superior Manufacturing

Brodit and ProClip USA work closely together to accommodate customer needs to ensure that each ProClip customer receives the highest quality of product to fit their needs. That quality starts with the materials used to create the product. It started with ABS polymers in ProClip vehicle mounts and device holders. As customer needs have evolved, acetal polymers have been incorporated for more rugged environments where the device holder needs to withstand more abuse – like in a forklift or waste disposal truck.

What Makes ProClip Special?

CNC machines create ProClip products using those ABS and acetal polymers, giving ProClip USA and Brodit the ability to handle requests for orders as small as one part, to orders of thousands of parts. The manufacturing process can be modified throughout production, making it possible for parts to be truly customer specific. This method of production allows ProClip to serve customers better than if products were created using traditional injection molding, which can be very costly, take a significant amount of time and demand large volumes to help drive prices down. The CNC-machined process allows ProClip USA to be true problem solvers for customers, providing prototypes and mounting solutions with the fastest lead times in the industry.

Growth to Support Your Business Needs

Throughout the past several years, Brodit has invested heavily in new machines, software and staffing to continue to grow and support customers around the world. These investments have allowed for shorter lead times and greater efficiency. ProClip USA serves a wide variety of industries including fleet, warehouse, public safety, healthcare, retail, waste disposal and more. If your business has needs for mounting devices like phones, tablets, mobile printers, scanners or any other device, ProClip can provide you a solution.

Providing Custom ProClip Mounts for Your Car

For the everyday consumer, ProClip USA specializes in a high-quality two-part mounting solution. The first part is the vehicle mount that is custom-made for the specific make, model and year of the vehicle. It clips into the existing seams of the dashboard with no professional installation required. It simply snaps into place for a solid mounting platform. The second part is a device holder that gets attached to the custom vehicle mount. The device holder is custom-made for the device being mounted, whether it’s the latest and greatest phone or an older phone you’ve been using for years. This modular approach gives everyone the ability to choose exactly the mounting system that works best in their vehicle.

ProClip USA continues to grow with a goal to provide safe and high-quality mounting solutions for all of the devices you use on a regular basis. Whether your business needs support with mounting technology or you’re looking for the best phone mount on the market, ProClip USA can help.