Best Android Apps to Prevent Distracted Driving

What are the best Android apps to help keep you and your family safer from distracted driving while behind the wheel of an automobile?
Android Apps

Now that spring has arrived and the weather is becoming nicer, you should assume that more people will be on the road. This means it is even more important to be vigilant and focused while in your vehicle, and avoid distracted driving.

Did you know that each day in the United States, about 9 individuals are killed and 1,000 more are injured in car crashes that are attributed to a distracted driver? These chilling statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should motivate more people to be cautious behind the wheel, but unfortunately, not everyone out there is paying attention. Protect yourself and your family by using Android apps designed to stop distracted driving.

Picking Android Apps to Help You Avoid Distracted Driving

With so many accidents on the road being caused by inattention, you’ll want to consider using one of these best apps (as noted by Insuramatch) for countering distracted driving. Not only will an app help protect you against accidents, you’ll also avoid getting an expensive traffic ticket for driving while distracted.

DriveSafe Mode

DriveSafe Mode helps parents monitor how their children use their smartphones while driving. You’ll get an alert if your teenager is using social media, texting or using an app while driving. What’s more, the app blocks phone usage as it detects the car accelerating.

In-Traffic Reply

Perfect for use while you must focus on the road ahead of you. In-Traffic Reply will reply to incoming text messages for you so you can keep your mind on safe driving. The app activates automatically when it senses your car is in motion.


The LifeSaver app takes data from the smartphone’s GPS and accelerometer information to know when your vehicle is moving. Not only does it send a message to people for you when they text, the app rewards good behavior with Parent Rewards that parents choose for their kids.


Developed by a police officer with more than 30 years of experience, the Live2Txt app for Android smartphones prevents the use of texting or making calls. Since there are no ringtones played while texts and calls come in, the driver will not be distracted. The app’s clicking sound upon startup is designed to remind users to always fasten their seat belts before driving.


The idea behind Motovate is by preventing the sound alerts that occur to let you know about an incoming text or phone call, you will not be tempted to use your device while driving. Motovate keeps track of the number of undistracted, safe driving miles and lets you cash them in for rewards (which can be sponsored by organizations such as schools and companies who want to incentivize all members of their group).

ProClip Phone Mounts & Holders

You should also consider using a vehicle mount to keep your smartphone securely in place while driving. ProClip phone mounts & holders allow you to speak hands-free via the speakerphone, ensuring you won’t be distracted while driving.